highlights #101

Hey, hey good news around here: it looks like we found a couch!  It could use a good cleaning, and we still need to figure out how to transport it, but, you know, little details.  We also scored a pretty snazzy crib (for less than half it's original price, thank you very much) that's got me feeling pretty good as well.  Thank you Craigslist all around, you are the best.

Whilst I peruse for more nursery furniture (affordable dressers anyone?  what rocking chair do you like?), here are some fun finds from the web:

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weekending tidbits

I've got to tell you, this, is still the best pizza dough recipe around our apartment lately (and we've tried our fair share of them).  Top that with some fresh basil, tomatoes, and pepperonis (even the cheap Ralph's brand kind), and what do you have?  Deliciousness.  Pure deliciousness.

It is also my opinion that summer fruit should always be cheap and in season.  If someone could just let the nectarine trees know that would be peachy.

And lastly, I'm a pretty big fan of free movies across the street and a good old fashion root beer float sipped through a striped straw.  Baby boy agrees with me.


baby journal: week 23

The 3rd trimester is looming ever closer around here, but the fatigue thought it'd jump the gun by a month or so and get a move on around here.  Afternoon naps, welcome back old friend.

My bump is still staying pretty modest, which is fine by me, but we made a fun discovery a week or so back.  According to my grandma Tobler, her mother - so, my great grandma Pendleton - carried her baby's pretty nonchalantly as well, not showing much of a bump for most of her pregnancy.  So, maybe this is genetic!  Fun to make connections.

My body also doesn't seem to be able to make a decision about these hormones of mine.  Some days my face is clear and free of all spots, and the next?  12-year-old preteen pizza face.  Oh hormones, you are an adventure (that's a nice way of putting it...).


highlights #100

Well lookie there, this is my 100th highlights post.  That's kind of amazing friends.  Where does the time go??  Crazy stuff.  Summertime is starting to really heat up around here and this internal heater of mine isn't paying attention.  I mean, I tried to wear actual pants today and lets just say that wasn't the best idea. Whilst I crank the air and try to stay at a reasonable temperature, my nesting instincts have started to kick in...somewhat.  Ok, ok I just went to Homegoods and Ikea this week, that's all, but it's a start!!  Hopefully the ball keeps rolling...

While I go peruse Pinterest for some more organizing ideas, here are some fun finds from around the web:

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a little R&R

This was one of the first weekend since we've moved where we found ourselves completely devoid of plans (except a two-year-old's birthday party, but we're talking big commitments here.  PS the party was a ball).  Something about having no obligations rang sweet to me and sleeping in shamefully late on Saturday didn't phase me in the least.  July, you are the best.

In honor of such a lazy few days we spent a good chunk of time just enjoying this new place we call home, and I gotta tell you, it's getting to me.  Pasadena, you are delightful.  We shambled up to Colorado Avenue, slipped through shops, sipped on sugary drinks, peeked in at City Hall and drove home again in 5 minutes.  A successful $5 date night I think.  What more could one want?

I also can't get over the view we have from our bedroom balcony.  I know it's not anything shmancy, but give me a courtyard with a few palm trees and some buttery golden hour light and I'm a happy camper.  Doesn't take much to please this girl.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, we kinda like it here.  Hope baby boy agrees.


baby journal: week 22

Well I did it, I finally caved and started shopping for nightgowns, because let's face it: I'm so over waistbands.  During the day?  Fine, I'll put up appearances.  But at night?  No way pal.  I want to be comfy, comfy, comfy.  So, yeah, I bought a few caftans - and I'm not even sorry about it.

Sleep has started to become elusive even with a mattress topper, body pillow, plus a few pillows besides.  It's a sad business...we need to figure that one out.  I guess when you've got a house guest as big as a papaya (Dave: that's huge!) sitting in your abdomen this can't be too shocking.

David has informed me that I've started to waddle a bit, but I don't think that boy knows what waddling actually is.  I'm still walking fine and dandy, thank you very much, sweetheart.  Except when I go up and down the stairs.  No judging.  Stairs get to me.

It's been funny to see what my body can and can't handle anymore.  For instance, I got down and scrubbed our tub earlier this week and then the next day I couldn't shake an achy back.  Silly, yes, but there it is.  I'm also getting winded much more easily than before, but I've read that's normal (don't lie to me now internet!).  I'm sure this is just the tip of the ice burg...

PS - Did you know I'm 6 months along??  Gosh that sounds like a lot...


highlights #99

Happy hump day!  Seriously, this week has been going by sooooo sloooooowly.  I woke up sure that today was Thursday.  Nope.  Sad.  I'm trying so badly to get into the nesting spirit around here, but most of that requires snooping for deals around Craigslist, and I gotta tell you, that takes a lot of work.  I just haven't been diggin' it.  Ah well.  While I buckle down and do some Craigslisting (we need a couch!!), here are some fun finds from around the web:

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and I am head over heals for these baby rompers



baby journal: week 21

Well, we saw the doc this past week, and that little baby of ours is still for sure a little man.  When we found out the gender a few weeks ago, the doctor gave us just a bit of pause when he said he was 80% sure we were having a little boy, but not to go painting the nursery blue till after our next ultrasound.  Well, confirmed.  That right there, ladies and gents, is a bouncing baby boy bump.

Also, I gained, um, 6 pounds since my last appointment a month ago...say what??  I blame it on my mother-in-laws delicious cooking over the 4th of July weekend ;)  I couldn't resist!!  Pass the fruits and veges please.

Baby boy is weighing in at just shy of one pound and about the size of a pomegranate, which is pretty darn big you guys!  I mean, going from seeing an ultrasound where he was just a tiny little bean to this week where his whole body was almost too big to fit on the monitor screen?  So crazy how he's changed and grown.  And that nose?  I'm betting this little guy looks just like Dave when we meet him in just a few short months!  Doc checked on all the vital bones and body parts and so far so good: two legs, two arms, fingers, toes, head.  Just what we like to hear.  Little dude was also being a show off and crossing and uncrossing his cute little legs for us and twisting all about flailing his tiny arms.  Looks like he's inherited his daddy's dance moves ;)

In other silly pregnant news, a stranger in the checkout line noticed I was pregnant for the first time.  My bump has been super gradual in showing himself, and I don't own too many tighter tops so it's not always obvious, but it was so fun to have someone notice without me telling them!  I'm sure this will be something that become more and more annoying as I get bigger and bigger and bigger, but for now?  It's the funnest. 


a weekend of free

Whilst I sit on the couch, between loads of laundry, listening to the plumber grunt as he unstops our kitchen sink on this grey and socked in Monday morning, all I really want to do is go back and do this weekend over again.  (And the plumber just gave me a talking to about putting egg shells and carrot shavings down our garbage disposal.  I've always done that!  When did this become a no-go?  And how come no one told me?)

This weekend started off with a free Shakespeare in the park and a picnic of corn dogs, ham sandwiches, and broccoli salad.  No judging on the corn dogs though, okay?  My pregnant belly has been craving them since about week 9 and I just now slicked my thirst for that wonderful fried treat.  I'm pretty sure the LA peeps sitting around us were giving me the stink eye as they feasted on their red wine, cheese, and fruit.  Whatever.  Pass the ketchup, please!

The show was great and free so there's really nothing to complain about (except maybe the park bathrooms...).  This month the company is performing the Bard's, Twelfth Night, and we got some good kicks out of it.  A little ways in I started to put the dots together and remembered that She's the Man is based on this Shakespearean comedy and all of a sudden the convoluted plot started to make a lot more sense (don't try to read the Wiki page on it - just don't).

We had a great, simple night out and we'll definitely be going back next month for Taming of the Shrew, which I've never seen before.  Should be fun.

To keep in theme with a weekend of free entertainment we heard about a free outdoor movie showing just across the street from us on Saturday night at this local pop shop.  Dave and I are pretty big root beer fans, plus who turns down a free showing of Hunger Games?  We walked over a little late (lesson planning for Sunday went longer than expected...), and shared a blueberry, vanilla float whilst watching Katniss volunteer for tribute.  It was pretty delightful to just walk across the street.  Literally.  Next week they're showing Jurassic Park: you better believe we'll be there.


baby journal: week 20

HALLLLLLLLLFFFF WAYYYYYYY!  We did it!  I can hardly believe we're on the downhill slide of this whole experience.    This banana sized baby is squirming on the regular and making himself known more and more every day.  And that baby bump is starting to look just like it's name: a bump!  Well, kind of.  I keep feeling pretty big and then I look in the mirror and it's like...oh yeah, well, not that much, but it's bigger

I honestly thought I'd have myself a nice rotund baby belly at this point...but not quite.  Silly how so many of my surmisings about pregnancy have been decidedly proven false.  Not surprising, but often very funny.  Like how I've always been wayyyy more worried about labor and delivery and almost never gave a thought to the 9 months leading up to it.  (Turns out those are worth a titch of thought.)  Or how I was so sure feeling the baby kick would feel like a scene out of Alien, and, in reality, is so so very cool.  Or how I was certain being pregnant would be this completely foreign experience, when it actually has felt so natural and completely normal.

One of the biggest mind benders has been finding out I'm growing a little boy inside of me.  I mean, I'm a girl.  How could my body be making anything but girlish things??  It took me a while to adjust to the fact that everything going on inside of me is all boy, but I've come round, of course.  I can't wait to teach this little dude how to be a gentleman, to dance with a lady, and to be kind and courteous of others.  Good thing he's got a great example for all of the above in his daddy.

Fortunately, being a little later on in my pregnancy, I didn't get nauseous on the plane ride to Utah and back this weekend, but sitting for an hour and a half?  Still not fun.  And Utah summers can get pretty hot when your a walking incubator.  Just saying.

My favorite thing to do now a days?  Sitting and watching my belly jump around with each little kick and then grabbing David's hand so he can feel them too.  Holy smokes, that's the best.


happy birthday 'merica

Since we got married - nope, back up - since David and I started dating, I've been hearing about the Nemrow family's 4th of July celebrations.  The 4th is, by far, David's favorite holiday - like it bypasses Christmas - Christmas!  His family has always pulled out all the stops to celebrate the red, white, and blue and it made a big impression on that boy of mine.  He loves everything about their family traditions: from eating KFC to the small town parade to family BBQ's to fireworks.  It's his day.

Well, we were coming up on three years of marriage and I still hadn't made it to Provo for David to introduce me to his favorite holiday Nemrow style.  So a few months back, we were looking at our summer plans, thinking about our changing family situation and said, what the hey!  Let's fly to Provo for the 4th of July!!  David has seriously been excited ever since (and, alright, I was too).

So last week the day finally came and we hopped on a plane Utah-bound.  We got in Thursday night and tried (and failed) to go to bed early to fuel up for a fun filled Friday 4th of July.  As David dutifully informed me, the celebrations start bright and early with the Provo parade on Center Street - and this year Norm and Cindy were in the parade walking with the Provo, Utah missionaries!  That was pretty fun.  I love me some small town patriotic spirit and Provo did not disappoint - I knew she wouldn't!

After the parade we headed up for lunch at Scott & Anj's house: KFC - per tradition - for the boys, and deli sandwiches for us ladies who don't care to eat fried chicken and gravy, I did help myself to that delicious coleslaw though...

The boys then headed out for a round of golf and us ladies soaked up some sun at the pool with the littles. 

After some much needed naps (not just for the kiddies), the boys got back and we started prepping for the big family BBQ that night: like over 100 people big.  The heaping pile of lettuce I prepared for the burgers?  Crazy huge.  It was so fun to see extended family, play with some babies, eat some darn good burgers, and enjoy a warm Utah evening.

Then the sun started sinking and we started hearing pops - it was firework time!  We headed back up to Scott and Anj's house up on the hill to watch every firework show in Utah valley.  Seriously!  We could probably see fireworks going off from Santaquin to American Fork and even across Utah Lake!  It was so fun.

That was one huge marathon celebration, but it was so, so fun!  I'm pro Provo 4th of July's from now on!

The rest of the weekend we just enjoyed family time and got to visit my favorite BYU Cougar!  We showed Brookie and her roommate around some of Provo's best eats: Jdawgs and Hokulia Hawaiian Shaved Ice shack.  Mmmm mmm baby, those are just a few things I miss about living in Provo.

 After a Sunday that went by entirely too fast it was Monday and time to go home.  We had a few hours in the morning to hang in Provo before our flight and so we decided to see if the BYU Bookstore had some cute baby boy clothes for our new little Cougar.  Well, that was a failure, but Brooke got out of class early so we got to see her one more time before we left and that was the best.

And then we were off back to sunny CA.  It was a great long weekend and I'm already missing those Wasatch mountains and all our family we left in their shade.  Happy birthday America - thanks for giving us an excuse to celebrate!


highlights #98

Hip hip hurray!  It's almost the 4th of July!  And that means we're almost Utah bound for a long weekend full of Nemrow festive fun.  Dave and I got a little spontaneous back in April when we realized E&Y gives him Friday and Monday off for the 4th - how could we not take advantage of that??

The 4th of July is also pretty much David's favorite holiday - scratch that - the 4th of July in Provo is pretty much David's favorite holiday.  In our three years of marriage he has kept trying to figure out a way to get us back to the 801 to watch the Provo parade, eat KFC, and watch Stadium of Fire fireworks from his brother's backyard.  I've always been game, but this is the first time it's worked out, and to say that boy is excited would be a gross understatement.

While I go round up some quarters to get some laundry done for our trip (sigh, back to quarters again...), here's are some fun finds from around the web:

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there's no way you could get me on this ride

this is what happens when you email your entire company

and this is for real.  These crazy birds wake us up every morning with their delightful (read: blood curling) squawks.  We've nicknamed them the devil birds...



baby journal: week 19

Almost half way!!!  It's crazy how fast time has flown and even crazier to think that I'm almost on the down hill...holy moly there's still so much to do.  Stroller?  Gotta do some research.  Nursery?  Still has moving boxes in it.  Baby bump?  Workin' on it.

The funnest thing about getting further along is how active this little boy is already.  Honest to goodness he is always moving and I love it.  Kicking, squirming, and I swear he did a somersault in protest to some new tighter-ish maternity jeans the other day (get used to it baby boy - they look good on your momma and she's gunna wear them anyway). While it's all fun and bubbles in the belly, let's hope this kid quiets down a bit on the other side.  But I'm not counting on it.  Looks like this boy is going to be all Nemrow, aka: a lot of energy.  And a lot of fun too ;)

On an unrelated baby note: Gap Maternity sale rack.  Check it out.  I just did a quick run by the other day to see if they had any good deals, and came away with some ridiculous steals.  Sweaters for $6.99, tshirts for $1.97, cute tops for $4.95!!  What??!  I must have it all.  So I did.  Don't be surprised if I peruse that rack even after baby comes.  That's not weird, right?