baby journal: week 10

Journal from Tuesday, April 29 ● Posted 5.27.14

Little baby bean and I hit week ten on my 24th birthday :) What a way to celebrate!  Most of this week was spent in lovely Columbus, Ohio with my mom taking care of the cutest (fully formed) Tobler grand baby, little Hazel Michelle.  Holy smokes, if this little bean in my belly hadn't already made me crazy baby hungry, this little perfect peanut would!  What a doll!  And what great practice for a mama-to-be like me.  I only wish David was there so I could get him started on diaper changing duty ;)

Too bad little Hazel is practically perfect in every way, barely cries, is super happy, eats well, sleeps well, hardly spits up, and is generally just the cutest, darling-est thing ever...not setting the bar too high over there.  I'm just crossing my fingers that she gets that from the Tobler side - and maybe our baby will too??  Hey, I can dream.

I also got the best birthday gift from a smart new mama - a belly band!  I may never go back.  Buttoning pants??  Such a thing of the past.  Actually though, with the heat waves we've been getting I'm not sure I'll be going back to pants at all.  Hellooooo maternity dresses.  We are now best friends.

As of 10 weeks, this little prune has been:
  • Super kind to her mama and barely caused me any discomfort while in Ohio and focusing on baby Hazel.  She's a good sharer.  I honestly felt so good that it was a little disconcerting.  But don't worry, now that I've home I'm definitely making up for it.
  • Making me stir crazy.  Sitting for a full 4-hour flight?  Fo-get about it.
  • Making me crazy amounts of tired!  Holy smokes.  I can take a two hour nap from 5:00 to 7:00, wake up to greet David when he gets home and then roll right into bed for the whole night.  Baby must be doing some serious growing in there.
  • Making me hungryyyy.  Not so much eating crazy huge meals, just that I am more or less always eating.  Breakfast - snack - snack - snack - Lunch - snack - snack - snack - Dinner - snack - snack - dessert.  I feel like the hobbits in The Lord of the Ring.
  • Making his mama have to go to bathroom all. the. time.  TMI?  Sorry.  I guess it doesn't help that I'm trying really hard to drink 64+ ounces of agua a day, but seriously when you use the loo and then get in the shower and then have to use it again right when you get out?  This is getting to be craziness. 


baby journal: week 9

Journal from Sunday, April 20th ● Posted 5.27.14

Week 9!  Week 9!  We made it to month 3!  And holy smokes, keeping this little bean a secret was starting to drive me up the wall!  I'm just too excited to tell everyone!  We decided to pop the news to our siblings/extended family on Easter, but before that the little peanut and I got to go to the doctor again for another check up and ultra sound.  So far these are for sure my favorite parts of being pregnant - getting to see that little bean up on the screen?  Makes it feel so real.

David wasn't able to come with me this week so I gave him a quick call when the doctor found the heartbeat so he could hear it too and gosh, I don't think that will ever get old.  That's our little baby's heart in there pumping away.  Crazy to think that one day that little heart will run around on its own, fall down, get back up, and make its own decisions, but for right now it's just a tiny a little muscle barely beginning to grow.  Ok, that got a little sappy, but I'm pregnant.  Comes with the territory.  Anyways it was so fun to share that with David over the phone, but...seems my phone was a little overly excited because it decided to FaceTime my sister-in-law, Kristin, when I put it away!  While I was still having the ultra sound done!  No!  Hang up!  Don't pick up!  Ahhh!  We haven't told them we're pregnant yet!!  It was all too funny and my doctor and I had a good laugh.

We told both of our families this weekend that they should be expecting another niece or nephew this fall and both were crazy excited for us.  We called the Nemrows on Saturday night while they were celebrating all the April birthdays (including moi) and told Scott - one of the birthday boys - that we had a present for him, but he might have to wait a while to get it.  It was so fun to have all the Nemrow clan together so we could tell everyone at once, getting passed around from person to person via iPad and guessing what we'll have.

We told the Toblers on Easter when we had a big family Skype sesh.  David and I tried to be creative, but when my brother asked how we were doing I just decided to say, Great!  We're going to have a baby!  That seemed to do the trick ;)

As of nine weeks this little olive sized human being has:
  • Made me feel like I'm sucking on pennies.  Seriously.  The weirdest pregnancy symptom.
  • Has grown by half since we saw the doctor last!  From .10 mm to .25 mm - grow baby grow!
  • Starting to poke out in my tighter fitting shirts - I'm probably the only one who's really noticing, but it's begun!


baby journal: week 8

Journal from Monday, April 14th ● Posted 5.27.14

Well, it's the beginning of the end: I've pulled out my fat pants and switched to maxi skirts.  And whether it's due to bloating or baby bump, I don't really care.  We're all about comfort over here these days.  Stylish comfort, but comfort all the same.  Honest to goodness, I really didn't think I'd be having any issues with a belly for at least 3 or 4 more weeks, but...yeah.  I think I need to go figure out those belly bands everyone raves about.  The rubber band trick can only stay classy for so long.  It is time.

Among other things, half of week 8 was spent lounging in Palm Springs, which baby N found quite to his liking because I barely felt nauseous the whole trip!  A good sign I hope!  Also I was craving McDonald's cheeseburgers for the first half of the week.  Glad that's over.  Dave told his senior on the job he was working that we were expecting (so she wouldn't wonder why I ate Saltines 24/7, or slept really late or what have you) and it was ridiculously fun to share our excitement with her and talk babies at every meal, which was the only time I spent with them.  It was just a taste of things and baby mania to come...

Speaking of, we're starting to get crazy excited to pop the news to our siblings now that both sets of our parents know...just one more week!!  But part of me is relishing having our little secret.  I have these funny moments walking around the grocery store and thinking, gosh, nobody knows how incredibly crazy and upside down my life has turned and how completely and utterly happy I am.  At the same time I can't wait to let the cat out of the bag.  All in good time, all in good time...

Meanwhile this little raspberry-sized person has also been:
  • Forming tastebuds!  Which is kind of fun.
  • Giving me a whole new set of growing pains (aka round ligament pains) which comes to light when I stand up, sneeze, laugh too hard etc etc. 
  • Subsiding on the nausea somewhat - fingers crossed this is a trend!
  • Making me hit the snooze button all. the. time.
  • And killing me with anticipation.  We have to wade through 32 more weeks of this??  I think I'll die of excitement first.
PS - I also put an entry in to be on Ellen Degeneres mother's day show.  Fingers crossed I get a seat!


the saguaro

This past week, David had a client in Palm Springs which required him to travel on location.  When he was extended the assignment he chafed just a little bit and told them how much he'd been traveling lately (a lot) to which they responded, oh, you can bring your wife with you.  Which, of course, changed everything ;)

Now, I've never been to Palm Springs before, but there is, indeed, a first time for everything.  I've always envisioned Palm Springs as a valley full of seniors, golf courses, and shopping.  Well, I was right about the elderly communities, but we didn't see a single golf course the whole time we were there and I was a tad underwhelmed by the shopping options.  If I drove a half hour outside of town the outlets were promising, but in Palm Springs?  Not so much.

One of our favorite things about our trip was the food, oh such good, good food.  I will most definitely be missing a certain sandwich joint and the most delicious raspberry sorbet in the coming weeks.

Along with the cuisine, our hotel was decked to the nines in the colors of the rainbow which was endlessly charming and pretty much the only thing I took pictures of the whole time we were there.  Albeit, the only other options were selfies taken while Dave was working all day or restaurant table pictures during our meals together, both of which I'm happy to avoid.

Insert photo dump of palm trees and this super fun hotel:

We ended up leaving on Thursday instead of Friday due to a change in David's schedule, but I was pretty A-OK about getting outta there sooner rather than later.  Turns out the Coachella music festival starts there today and the crowds of party people were already starting to be ushered in by the bus-full by the time we were quiting town.  Yep, time to go.

Adios Palm Springs!  Till next time. 


highlights #91

Ok, I'm not making any excuses.  I haven't blogged in a week and that's that.  We're over it.  Dave and I are currently enjoying some time away from home courtesy of his job.  I've never been to Palm Springs before, but I'll give a full report when we come back (and a sum up of our super colorful hotel - so fun).  For now I'm lounging around the pool and laughing that it feels wayyyy more like summer than it did last week.  97 degrees will do that to ya.

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baby journal: week 7

Journal from Thursday, April 3rd ● Posted 5.27.14

Welp, we hit 7 weeks yesterday, and  aside from the quese, no physical sign of this little bean has sprouted.  Which is probably a good thing.  And, we've only taken four bump pictures, but I'm already having a hard time finding new spots to take somewhat picturesque photos!  We need to take more evening walks...

The best news so far is that we went to the doctor for the first time today!!  And we got to see our little lad or lady up on the ultrasound screen.  What a crazy experience.  When the doctor first found that cute little blob and told us it was our baby, I just laughed and said,  
"Really??  You mean there's really a baby in there??"   

He probably thought I sounded a little nutty, but I had this completely irrational fear that they would send me home telling me I'd had food poisoning all this time.  Nope.  It's not true: there really and truly is a little growin' baby in there and we got to hear his/her (whatever - the baby's) heartbeat for the first time which was so amazing.  It was beating so so fast, which I didn't expect, but was assured it's totally normal.  We also gleaned a shiny new due date: November 14th, 2014.  I knew it would be in that ballpark, but it's so great to have a medical pro tell you what he thinks: and that he thinks that everything is A-okay!  It was the hugest relief for a worried new mama's mind.

You see that little white (adorable) blob in the middle?  That's a baby.  Holy smokes.  Our baby.  So great.

In other news, this little blueberry sized person has hit me with all the nausea his/her little body can manage.  How can something so small make my stomach churn so much??  I've just discovered peppermint Altoids which seem to help (placebo effect?  Who cares) and I think I'll have a tin of those with me for the next 8 months, thank you very much.


highlights #90

Happy Hump Day!  It's starting to look like spring has sprung around here what with friends having babies (and me becoming an aunt!!), flowers on the table, and, of course, it's April!  My favorite month - birthdays will do that to ya.  But what would spring be without a seasonal cold, and, lucky us, both Dave and I decided to catch it this time round.  I'm on the up and out and Dave is right behind me, but the plus side to all our sniffling has been that Dave has been able to work from home the past few days - a rare treat indeed after our first real busy season on the job.  I'm in heaven (and trying not to distract him too much - cue blogging;)

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