made it/ highlights no. 36

Well, we did it!  We made it sunny Santa Clarita despite Memorial Day traffic, a huge moving truck, and lugging all our boxes up to the 3rd floor of our apartment complex.

Currently our life looks like this:

Sorta put together - mostly not.  But would you look at all that clean carpet??  And the light coming from (wait for it) SIX whole windows?  So far we're givin' this place two thumbs way up for those two features alone.

While I go find a place for the other half of my clothes here are a few fun finds from around the web:

colorful wedding dresses - would you ever wear one?  (I did!)

Olympic sports due for a comeback 

a cozy bride

a table I'm coveting

and an article that completely sums up how I felt about graduating from college




5:45 AM - Waving goodbye to Brendan and Megan's Budget truck as they pulled out onto 700 North and off to Ohio.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry a little when we crawled back into bed to try and go back to sleep.  We're going to miss those two a lot.  A lot, a lot.

9:00 AM - Massage.  A prep for moving, deep-tissue massage.  This was a good decision.  Thank goodness for birthday presents from a thoughtful mother-in-law.

10:00 AM - Finally get ready for the day.  And when I say "ready," I mean showering off the massage oil and throwing my packing sweats back on.

11:00 AM to 6:00 PM - PACKING.  (With a Facebook/Pinterest/ snack-break here and there)

And now?  We're almost done.  It's the just the odds and ends left to scoop up and find a box for.  We're planning to load the truck tomorrow, eat one last (A-mazing) Hawaiian snow cone from the shack on Canyon, go to church on Sunday, have family dinner, and shove off Monday morning.

Let the weekend begin!

Picture via Note To Self
Found via Pinterest


count your blessings

Aren't you glad your living room doesn't look like ours?  We went begging for cardboard boxes at Smiths this morning and have now filled them up with most of our dishes, which is why we're presently eating out of tupperware.
Classy, right?

We think so.

P.S. So You Think You Can Dance starts tonight - it's startin' to feel like summertime!


highlights no. 35

After two weeks of missing my weekly Wednesday roundup I've got a list of fun finds to share with the world.  So far this week has been full of packing and organizing and taping and stacking - unfortunately its been a rather lovely week in terms of weather and I'm really itching to enjoy it.  I guess that will have to wait until we get to California.

Also, I met with a friend this past week to talk about her wedding and I'm afraid it might show here.

10 snapshots to keep on your phone - I also like to keep my license plate # in there too

a lovely floor mat

a fun DIY rope lamp

if I didn't already love my ring, I'd be pining for THIS one

some summer suggestions

a new way to take pictures for your phone's contact list

some fun & creative wedding favors

a pretty amazing Iphone case

a good use for vanilla

a different kind of rainbow

my favorite version of Gotye's Somebody I Used To Know

a darling Wisconsin couple have been married for 80 YEARS!

a Princess Bride inspired wedding shoot

and, last, but not least, some fun things to throw at the end of your big day (do you recognize anyone in there...?)



on the move

Currently our life is in flux.  Moving is eminent, but not quite here yet.  The walls in our little postage stamp are now white and seem so much bigger than they did before.  Bigger and emptier.  The fact that our kitchen is still fully stocked constantly reminds me of the fact that I need to pack it up (and we need to eat our food faster).  And our bedroom is trying so hard to be packed, but in so doing, it's just becoming a big mountain of clothes.

Oh moving.  I've only ever done this for one before.  Not that David will be adding a lot of belongings to the truck (that boy could fit everything he owns in the trunk of our CRV, no problem), but that lovely wedding of ours did add a few things to the pile.  Also those two couches we bought, that big queen-size bed of ours, and a handful of other furniture we picked up over this school year.  Yes, I think we'll be able to fill up that moving truck of ours quite nicely. 

Picture via Luli Sanchez
Found via Pinterest


9 months!

As of this Thursday David and I have OFFICIALLY been married for nine whole months.  Pure and utter craziness, that' what this is.  I honestly have the feeling that one of these days I'm going to turn around and 20 years will have rushed by without me barely taking notice of them.

Thanks for all the good times darlin' - I'm fully expecting more to come.




I'm an AUNT!  Alright, backup -  technically, I became an aunt to these 3 little girls when Dave and I got married:

But this is the first Nemrow baby who hasn't been a part of the family longer than I have.  And he's a darling little thing - Dave and I are only sad we're leaving Utah before we get the proper chance to spoil him rotten.

Isn't he a cutie?  We're pretty besotted with those little blue eyes and furry head.  So besotted, in fact, that we forgot to take any pictures of me holding him, let alone his parents.

We went over to the hospital to see him yesterday and, honestly, one of the first things Dave said to me this morning was, " I want to go see baby Ethan again today..." Told you.  Be-sotted.


sore legs

Sometimes I decide to take a blog hiatus for no apparent reason.
This was one of those times.  No real reason why, except that perhaps we've mostly been hanging out and enjoying our brief spring vacation.

During my MIA we decided to stretch some muscles (perhaps a few too many).  Last Friday David and I planted flowers for my mother-in-law and it quickly became obvious that I'm no seasoned gardener when my thighs began to complain when we were only finishing the second flowerbed in the front yard.  Who knew planting flowers could be so demanding on my legs?

After coming home with shaking thighs and an achy back it somehow seemed like a good idea to rise early the next day and go hiking in Moab for the day with my brother and sister-in-law.  Ok, it was a good idea, it just left my legs feeling like jello.  Actually, they still sort of feel like jello.  To be honest, I really can't remember the last time my legs felt like they'd really been exercised.  Perhaps I'll try to do this more often...

P.S. Don't you love our BYU devotion in these pictures?  I promise it wasn't planned.



While we were down apartment hunting in California, we spent a goodly amount of time hanging out with my parents.  Can I just tell you how excited I am to live closer to them?  The only problem is that we'll have to give up the 5 minute drive to David's parent's house in favor of a 9 hour drive through 4 states...darn.  Why can't we have both??

Anyways, while we were down in California my parents were kind enough to invite us along to the Coldplay concert they had extra tickets to down at the Hollywood bowl.  Um, awesome.  And let me tell you, Coldplay puts on a pretty good show.

They started out with an outrageous firework show in their first song, followed by big bouncy balls being released into the crowd, tons of confetti (that didn't even come close to reaching us up in the nose bleed seats) and big blow-ups popping up in the audience.

Oh, and see all those little colorful dots in the crowd?  They're light up wristbands!  We were all given one at the door and they lit up during certain songs.  If that doesn't get you dancin' I don't know what will.

Conclusions: we had a great time, we're excited to move to California, and life is grand.


highlights no. 34

So we're down in CA and the apartment hunt is about to begin!  Wish us luck!  And also some tidbits from around the web:

a whole book printed on one poster - kind of cool decor I think

an easy cute hairstyle (I promise, if I can do it, anyone can)

the world's cutest birth announcement

how to print on your goodie bags (you know, for your next big party, or whatever)

some fun cookies in honor of Cinco de Mayo

a great music video by OK Go

the greatest baby onesie

DIY darling little notebooks

a great resource - where to get all the FREEBIES on your birthday

the best place to take engagements (why didn't I think of this??)

a healthier way to eat Egg McMuffins

and a great place to find inspiration for your crafts (don't worry, it's not Pinterest)