highlights no. 35

After two weeks of missing my weekly Wednesday roundup I've got a list of fun finds to share with the world.  So far this week has been full of packing and organizing and taping and stacking - unfortunately its been a rather lovely week in terms of weather and I'm really itching to enjoy it.  I guess that will have to wait until we get to California.

Also, I met with a friend this past week to talk about her wedding and I'm afraid it might show here.

10 snapshots to keep on your phone - I also like to keep my license plate # in there too

a lovely floor mat

a fun DIY rope lamp

if I didn't already love my ring, I'd be pining for THIS one

some summer suggestions

a new way to take pictures for your phone's contact list

some fun & creative wedding favors

a pretty amazing Iphone case

a good use for vanilla

a different kind of rainbow

my favorite version of Gotye's Somebody I Used To Know

a darling Wisconsin couple have been married for 80 YEARS!

a Princess Bride inspired wedding shoot

and, last, but not least, some fun things to throw at the end of your big day (do you recognize anyone in there...?)


1 comment:

Kathleen said...

How fun to see you in another blog about your fun wedding ideas; I loved it :)
Also, Nana always kept an aloe plant in the kitchen, and we used it often.