love is:

letting me take silly pictures over your shoulder of our heart shaped, Saturday morning pancake creations while the rest of the batch got cold.

they were delicious by the way :)


the goal-

is that one day
{ when the era of apartments has past }
and I settle down in my very own cozy home,

I want to have a wall that looks like this:

with pictures in those frames that look like this:
and a kitchen as pretty as this:

 & this:

with maps on the wall from places like this:


and a front door that looks like this:

And I'm willing to negotiate about everything.

Except for the door.

The door will be red.



 The weather here is starting to weird me out.

 8:00 am

I woke up to a snow storm.
Three inches were piled on the ground and it was still dumping.
I opened my blinds and watched the snow fall for the next hour strait.

I thought today would consist of thick socks and multiple layers.

 12:00 pm

It stopped snowing.
Walking under any tree was treacherous due to the fear of becoming a walking target for large chunks of melting snow.
Puddles the size of small lakes formed around my apartment complex and were so deep they soaked all the way through my high quality Walmart moccasins.

 11:50 pm

There's nothing left.
Oh, there's a patch of white left on every other lawn, but for the most part you'd never knew it snowed today.
It's even 40 degrees (at midnight) and I didn't shiver a bit walking from the car to my apartment.
This is unheard of.

I don't understand you, Utah, but I'd like to keep up this 
'warm enough not to wear a jacket in February' trend 
if it's alright with you?


 a few of 
my favorite things

sun kissed skin, 
warm cement 
& bare feet

Perhaps it's the snowstorm this morning that got me thinking...but there just something about this:

that is calling my name this morning.

The lounge chairs around the pool may have a huge pile of fresh snow on top of them and I can't wait to hit the slopes tomorrow...
but I do love me some sunny days
whose with me?


a few days later

happy belated president's day!

long weekends are the best, don't you agree?
I adored waking up on Monday morning and not running off to an 8:00 AM class...

instead I woke up at the same time, bundled up and hopped on a ski lift.

tell me how that works?

and yes, that is our car,

on the left
after 3 days of strait snow

it was a glorious 4 days away from real life


my favorite things #1

Well it seems I enjoyed my 7 days of love so much I've decided to start a trend.

A few of  
my favorite things 

today is dedicated to
long weekends

Mine will be spent here with the family:

Bundling up,
boarding all day Saturday and Monday,
building snowmen,
eating chili bread bowls and Milky Ways in the lodge,
playing Dominoes after dinner at the condo,
being really, really sore
and hopefully coming back in one piece...

Have a lovely extra long weekend all!
See you on the other side!


an issue

So I have this Marketing class at 9:30 every Tuesday & Thursday morning.

{ This is not the issue }

The issue is what we talk about in that class


Krispy Kreme.
Pop Tarts.
Costa Vida.
Baskin Robins.

This morning was Toaster Strudels.

And guess who didn't have time to grab breakfast today...?

I can't remember a morning I haven't come out of that class craving a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger.
I don't think I've ever even eaten a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger.

I'd like to submit that either Dr. Swenson stops using restuarants as examples in his lectures
he brings samples for the whole class every time he talks about baked goods, fast food and/or dairy products.

Either way my stomach needs to stop making noises in the middle of class.

I'm pretty sure people are starting to notice...


the friendliest flowers

A bouquet of daisies.

That's what that darling man showed up with on my doorstep at 7:45 AM yesterday.
Oh, and he brought me a heart shaped tin full of chocolates too.

Have I always wanted one?

And he knows me all too well.

He then proceeded to make me a steak dinner that night,
(almost burning my apartment down in the process - we're learning how to use a cast iron skillet to the dismay of my poor kitchen/roommates)
and snuggled up with me to watch Sleepless in Seattle.

Is there a better way to spend Valentine's Day?

I'd like to submit that there is not.


love notes

Here's to X's and O's,
flowers and chocolates
and a 49 degree Valentine's Day!


day 7

all you need is

-the Beatles

the end.


orange you glad

Dear all,
     Yes I know this is my 3rd post today, but VALENTINE'S DAY is in 2 days and I just couldn't resist sharing this darling way to remind your special someone they're the apple of your eye from Twig & Thistle

and P.S. you can download them for FREE

day 6



tangible memories

My decision:

Sometimes it's annoying to smile for the camera,
and I loathe asking random people walking by to take my picture,
but when it's all said and done aren't you always glad you you did it?

food for thought

day 5


{ when the internet works }

which it didn't all day yesterday for some reason
so you get two posts today you lucky readers
happy Saturday!


(adjectives to describe)

Ostrich Burger, 
Borough Market, London

Portobello Road, London

My favorite part of traveling:
the food

Ask me what I ate in London, 
or Rome

And we shall have a lovely chat


day 4



the cause of all
tapping feet,
and good times

{ and all these people agree with me }

I submit that there are few things better than rolling down the windows,
finding a good song on the radio,
and car-dancing to your heart's content
while belting out lyrics you only know the chorus to.


Putting that one song that reminds you of that one good time on repeat for a while.


Simply doing your homework serenaded by Chopin, Mozart and Beethoven.

Thank you for the music.


day 3

(proper noun)
the most wonderful city I know 

 need I explain?
the plays
the museums
the double deckers
the center
the accents
the countryside
the traveling
the pictures
the long weekend trips
the shopping
the food
the friends
the memories

{ I think it explains itself }


day 2



that tingling feeling on your face when you walk outside on a hot day

getting into a parked car on a summer afternoon
(that's been sitting out in the sun all day and your hands burn when you put them on the steering wheel)

getting out of the pool and warming your toes on the sun-kissed cement

 Maybe I've just got a case of the winter blues,
but I do love me some Vitamin D


day 1

7 days of things I  
{ you know, in honor of  Valentine's Day and all }

presently consisting of six persons
two married
two not
two wonderful parents
and perhaps the only people who read this blog
have I ever told you mine is the best?

What with life moving on,
both big brothers marrying their wonderful wives,
me running off to London
and oldest brother going to dental school in the Midwest-
the last time we were all together was back in 2009.

too long ago if you ask me.

We will remedy this problem come May with a trip back to Indiana,
but til then we will keep sending the love long distance.

X's and O's to my wonderful family!

Here's to being done with 2 midterms,
(and getting A's on them both)

writing a 5-7 page paper,
(and finishing it in one day)

putting together a photography project,
(to be posted post-haste)

going 3 days without washing my hair,
(I promise I'm hygienic)

e-mailing { internship } possibilities,
(cross your fingers for me)

getting readings done for every class,
(and skimming most of it)

and attempting to get enough sleep
(and doing reasonably well at it)

and it's only


pizza, aprons & a blue kitchen

Making pizza could quite possibly be the one of those perfect date ideas

{and I'm not just saying that because it was mine & David's first - the pepperoni pizza we made was to die for in case you were wondering}

Don't you agree?

You chat.
You make something together.
And then you get to eat what you made.
This is a great combination.

At least we think so:

And it was a swell night.

Please Note: the green slices on our pizzas are green peppers, even though they kind of look like green beans

Hurray for a successful Friday night of boys wearing our aprons,
& being squished in our little blue kitchen



I don't know how I could have ever forgotten to post about these little goodies my sister-in-law and I made the other weekend:

Don't they just look divine?
And they are oh so simple to make!

Go here for directions and ingredients!


happy groundhog's day!

Phil says early spring...
but I'll believe it when I see it.

Post Script:
It never got above 14 degrees today in Provo,
what's with that??



This is me and David.

We seem to have issues with taking pictures of us together that I approve of.

These will have to do for now.

It's an ongoing process.
And I'm working on it.

I'll keep you posted.