a sucker for stop motion

So while actually watching LOST in real time this evening {as opposed to watching it online later in the week} i saw these stop motion ads for the kindle that reminded me of this music video i saw ages ago and wanted to share.

a new kind of presentation

poor power point didn't even stand a chance.
did i mention it's free?


life in holicolor

spring isn't officially here until after you've thrown large amounts of colored chalk at each other that takes days to finally get out of your ears and danced the sunny afternoon away to some sweet Indian tunes.
Enter Holi aka:
{The Festival of Colors} 
conveniently located at a Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple near you.


the fun theory

could you really get people to 
{clean their room-recycle-throw away their trash-use the stairs} 
just by making it fun?  

these people think so.
i think they're right.

check it: thefuntheory.com


I've Arrived!

{dear world wide web}
yes it's the day you've all been waiting for
i'm on the map
you don't have to wait another minute
i'm here