9 months

NINE months.  Yeesh.  So much seems to be happening all at once.  This little dude is learning so much, so fast and I feel like I'm left trying to catch up!

Big update: we're crawling!  He's still figuring it out, but give him a few more weeks and he'll be a pro.  It's insane to put him down and then turn around and he's across the room getting into who knows what, but it's also so much fun to watch him be able to explore on his own.  Hello babyproofing, you are upon us in earnest.

Of course, hand in hand with crawling, is figuring out how to go from laying down to a sitting position.  I came into his room after a nap last week and found him sitting up playing with his blanket so very pleased with himself.  Shoot.  Cue dropping the crib.  I didn't want to lower it all the way because he still hadn't figured out how to pull himself up to a standing position on his own...until this morning when he pulled himself up on our shelving unit in the kitchen.  What??  Too fast kiddo!  Too fast!  Time to drop the crib again...

And since we're figuring out this moving, standing, exploring phase we're also figuring out how to tumble, fall and bump.  Good thing these little kiddos aren't half as hard to break as they look.  He's a tough little nut, this nine-month-old of ours as he fumbles around, bonking his head on the furniture.

This kiddos two bottom teeth have popped through, and now all four of his top middle teeth are making their debut.  All four.  At once.  Thank the heavens for Tylenol and teething tablets (and grandparent too - they make him smile almost no matter what).

We've been working our way up to eating big kid solids these past few weeks and it's so crazy to see him eat what we're eating!  And so fun too.  He loves all fruits, but refuses to pick them up himself!  Too funny.  He's a pro at feeding himself little crackers and cheese though.  Speaking of cheese, he'd probably eat that 24/7 if I'd let him.  It's his absolute favorite thing: cottage, mozzarella, cheddar, goat.  You name it, he loves it.

This little man has finally figured out how to take hats off his head.  Darn.  The only accessory I really had to begin with.  Oh well, one less thing to remember when we go out the door, I guess!

My new favorite trick our little guy does is giving out kisses.  He's either terribly coy about it for will kiss you with reckless abandon, but there's not much in between.  However, there's really nothing better than getting sweet open mouthed kisses from a little boy.  Be still my momma heart.

Annnnd, best update of all, this baby boy said momma!  He mostly only says it when he's whining, sad, or wants something, but I'll take it ;)

We sure love you baby boy!  You just continue to get more and more fun each month, except for the teething, could you tone down on that for bit, darling?