post script

I would like to retract my previous statement.
It was an unnatural 9 degrees this morning when I walked to school.

Curse you winter.

I can't feel my ears.


lets talk about...

 It's cold.
It's white.
And I've been slipping and sliding through the slush all morning.

I miss the sun.
My lips are chapped.
My hands are never warm.
And falling on my face at least once is a winter tradition.

Snow makes the holidays a bit more festive.
The mountains are beautiful.
Cold weather is cuddle weather with a thick blanket and a cup of cocoa.
Winter means snowman building and snowball fights.
And of course the snow means snowboarding.

I'm not going to weigh the pros and cons,
and this doesn't mean I love the snow,


lets agree,
it's not that bad.

And it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas... 


black friday

Mitch Miller

Mannheim Steamroller

Bing Crosby

The Carpenters

Pull out the Christmas music.

It's that time again.


happy thanksgiving!

here's hoping it's full of stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey and family

and then of course some pumpkin pie


last week...

Provo looked like this:

it snowed yesterday.

is it Thanksgiving break yet?



My first time.
I got so excited.
I was sure they'd have my Dutch Stroopwafels

No luck.

I haven't been this disappointed in a long time.



kaleidoscope heart

The line may have been out the door
around the corner,
past the restaurant
and then some,
with us at the end of it,
but we still got to sit on the Venue's best kept secret.

Cushy seats.
Clear view.
Lovely ladies.
My kind of concert-watching situation.


Sara came out and introduced her opening bands.
Hold up.  
When was the last time you saw a headlining performer do that at their show?

Sara dancing on top of her (blue) baby grand... 
If this doesn't make you smile I don't know what will.

And the band + openers + everybody who performed took a bow together at the end of the show.

And we're all pretty sure we'd be best friends with Sara Bareilles in real life.

Thanks for a great girls night ladies!


it's official

fall has fell.

mostly all over this guy's car...

social graphing

Okay so most of the time I think Facebook apps aren't worth my attention.
(And most of the time I know I'm right)

I don't "Like" anyone's pages,
I rarely check the events I've been invited to,
and it's been ages since I've posted pictures.

this is kind of cool.

It's called "Social Graph" and this is what it makes for you:

These are my 774 friends on Facebook and how they are all linked to one another.

Interestingly enough, and upon closer inspection, they all end up being grouped into smaller subcategories:

The closer people are to the middle the more connections they have,
and they are all interconnected.

Small world, huh?

Which is probably, in large part, due to Facebook...
Food for thought.

P.S. Yes, this is another gem I've picked up from my Organizational Behavior class.


dear halloween,

Thanksgiving is barely a week away and, well, you're starting to disintegrate.
Maybe we should call it quits...?

till next year anyway


the purchase

So, let me tell you about my apartment:

It has 2 stories.
First floor is kitchen, 
living room
and dining room.
Basement is bathrooms 
and bedrooms.
(3 points for alliteration?)

The door opens right at the top of the stairs...

Every time someone opens the door even a tiny crack a diabolical draft (2 more points?) of chilled November air rushes, 
not onto our warm and toasty main level, 
but down the stairs into our bedrooms...
And then it just sits there.
It laughs at us as it chills all tile floors and metal appliances so that we dread getting into bed at night because we know even our sheets will be infiltrated with that dreaded 30 degree little demon.
(lots of points)

Well I found a solution.
(For my sheets at least)

I bought an 
electric blanket.

Take that November draft!
My sheets are now toasty and chill-proof and I've stopped wearing socks to bed because my feet are always warm now.

You really might as well just give up and get warm again because I've basically already won the war.

Please tell December that snow will not be necessary this year.


v-day brawl

I'm jealous if you live in
New York
or DC.


to see

You know what's the best?

My iGoogle homepage application, "Places to See," that's what.

Everyday it pops up on my dashboard with a new picture of somewhere beautiful I ought to visit.

Here was today's:

Guess what?

I've been there:

Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin, Ireland



simple pleasures

Let me break it down for you:

The nurse at the front desk who recognized my
coin purse 
Immediate bond/
Automatic day-maker.

She gets a gold star for sure.

leaves after it rains look like...


100% humidity

don't you wish we all looked like this:

on a rainy day?

don't worry,
I just pulled out my knee-high plastic boots instead



Thursdays = no class
Which means sleeping in till 8:00 (a whole extra glorious hour), 
taking an extra long shower, 
and then getting done all those small little things done that I never seem to have time to get done during the rest of the week.

Thank goodness for Thursdays.

Also Thursdays are my self-proclaimed:
{ laundry day }

Anyways, yesterday was one of the every other weeks I remembered to strip the bed and pop the sheets in the washer.
I also added two dryer sheets to the bundle as my reward for remembering.

Best. Idea. Ever.

Last night I did not just fall exhausted on top of my quilt when it was time for bed, but snuggled deep down into my silky, soft, smooth sheets...
(points for alliteration?)

I blame them for making me hit the snooze button 10 times this morning and almost being late to Statistics.

But it was so worth it.


the other day...

I remembered I had some chocolate covered strawberries left in the fridge.
Joy of joys what a fabulous after-dinner treat.

My mom sent them to me for Halloween and,
using the self control that is so rarely present whenever chocolate is in the near vicinity,
I did not consume all 6 of the treats at once.

So I pulled the box off the top shelf of the refrigerator and opened the lid.
I had 5 lovely, delicious, sweet morsels left to eat.
What a wonderful sight.

I selected the biggest one in the box and took a big bite.

The berry was a little soft.

No big deal.

I take another bite.

Still soft.

Wait a minute...

I lift off a chip of chocolate further up on the strawberry poised to pop it into my waiting mouth when I notice:
white fuzz
All over the top of that strawberry.

I just bit into a squishy, moldy, old chocolate covered strawberry.


{ Thank goodness I hadn't swallowed yet }

happy birthday

Love you mom.


to whom this may concern.

Dear people who park next to me,

    Last night both of your cars were so snug on either side of my parking stall that upon situating my vehicle you only left me with two options:

Climb out of my trunk 
climb out my window.

I choose the latter.

It would have been funnier if the temperature had been above 35 at the time and it wasn't 12:30 AM.

Mostly it was just cold and late and I was tired.

Lets try not to replicate this situation anytime in the near future.

parking stall 210