time flies

A year ago today this cute boy helped move me into my new apartment.


7 months of dating,
a proposal
and a 5 month engagement later,

that same cute boy and I just moved into a little postage stamp of an apartment of our own exactly one year to the day he helped me move in last year.

Time flies when you're having fun my friends!
(and we've been having lots of it this past year)


the tiniest sneak peak


Mr. & Mrs. David Nemrow
August 17th 2011

photos taken by this lovely lady


a place to sit

we finally have one...
actually we have two.

will they take up most of our living room?

but I love them.

thank you ksl.com and the boy that's getting married in Salt Lake,
craigslist just wasn't cutting it this time.


as of late

11 days to the wedding
an internship 3 days a week down in San Diego
all the other sorts of crazy things that have been going on around here this summer
little time for blogging.

I hope you can understand dear blog-o-sphere.

In the meantime here are some fun things from around the web:

United States pillows - too cute

It's good to see other people have had little bumps on their big day: the ring struggle
(love this blog)

I so badly want to make this doily lamp

I could gobble up these cookies

These travel inspired wedding invites are practically perfect in every way

And I found this post rather enjoyable: "Date a Girl Who Reads"