go cougs

Two constants of my college career were BYU football and my game day buddies, neither of which changed much over the years, as you can see.  Along the way we added a 5th roommate to our group (who is now my permanent roommate), and thanks to him (or more specifically his parents) I started sitting much closer to the field and enjoying free ice cream during the 3rd quarter.  These are good memories . . .

Tonight we're eatin' pancakes and watchin' the first BYU game of the season. 

It feels weird not to be at the stadium with rest of our Cougar fans, decked in white to cheer on our team.  It feels even weirder to say that David and I are watching our Alma mater play tonight.  Gosh, when did we do all this growing up?  College always seemed to be something I was looking forward to or was in the thick of, but now.  Now, all of a sudden, I'm on the other side of it.  Done.  Graduated.  Moved out and on. 

I'm sure I'll get used to the idea of being an alumni instead of a student, but for now it's still comforting to hear David yell after each down, and know that every fall I'll still have BYU football to look forward to.

Go Cougs.


highlights no.47

Happy (almost) Labor Day weekend!  Were looking forward to no work on Monday and a long weekend down in Orange Country with family, consisting of the beach and good food.  Honestly, I don't think I need much else in life than those three things to be happy.  But until then here are some fun finds from around the web for entertainment :

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how cute would it be to have your own signature gift wrap?  everyone would always know it's from you!

I'm pretty sure I need THIS shirt

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& lastly, I'm lovin' all these Call Me Maybe covers, and THIS ONE is another gem - thanks boys!




The first time David told me he loved me we were sitting on a blanket enjoying a warm September night on a hill in Rock Canyon Park staring at the stars.  It was sweet, romantic, unexpected, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  It's definitely fun to look back on that night now - how young and excited we were to be using those 3 words.  It was a big deal - the sort of big deal I almost couldn't bear to tell anyone about it, it was such a big deal.

And yes, in case you were wondering, about five minutes after our sweet little moment, the sprinklers DID go off and we had to run for cover.

We got soaked.

Oh the memories.

Anywho, that night seems like FOR-EVER ago now, but it came to mind last night when David had a great idea.

We grabbed a blanket and a box of granola and headed up the path to the park by our house for a little stargazing of our own.  To be honest, Dave's star-mapping app on his new phone made it a lot more fun (because we actually kind of knew of we were looking at), but mostly it was fun to almost feel like we were single again sitting on a hill in Rock Canyon Park. . .

Picture via Mr. Printables


to be or not to be

Saturday night was SO MUCH FUN for a couple of different reasons :

First, we got to snag Brooke away from the parentals for the weekend.
Second, we got to hang out with cousins we live close by to now.
And third, we got to watch Shakespeare in the park for F-R-E-E!

It was so great.

We packed ourselves a picnic of ham sandwiches, popcorn, & pasta salad and headed down to Griffith Park to watch THESE great people put on A Midsummer Night's Dream - and, let me tell you, they did a stinkin' good job.  And I'm not saying that they did a good job because it was free and for a free show it was pretty good - it really was a great production from the acting, to the location, to the set & the props.  We were all very impressed and more than a little entertained.

If you're in the LA area next weekend for Labor Day and looking for something to fill your Friday or Saturday night, they'll be putting on A Comedy of Errors - be there.



picture #1

I was reading a blog the other day (which one, I couldn't tell you) where this cute girl was telling her love story; how she and her husband met, dated, and got married, etc, etc - classic, high-school sweetheart kind of stuff, and pretty cute to boot.

At the end of her story she posted the first picture they ever took of the two of them together - two high-schoolers, arm in arm, with flushed cheeks & big smiles, beaming in only the way a pair of 16-year-olds out on their first date could beam.

And that got me thinking. . . what is Dave's and my first picture together. . .?
I'm sure it's just as ridiculously adorable - right?

Well, I did some digging, and some digging. . .and some more digging (you should know by now that I have a few pictures stored on my Iphoto) and this is what I (eventually) found :

It's true.

Our first picture together is after a hot & sweaty She & Him summer concert in the park in Salt Lake City (me having just gotten off a plane that was delayed for 4 hours & about to loose my car in the middle of downtown SLC), and, yes, David is PHOTO-BOMBING our girl picture.

This is our first picture together.

If only we had thought to take a cuter picture of the two of us before this moment. . .
If only we had known that THIS picture would be the one going down in the memory books. . .

This was, however, the first time David and I had somewhat, sort of hung out, so it's not like we were missing out on photo-ops, we just were lucky enough to capture this gem together FIRST.

P.S. Out of the girls in that picture, four of us have up and gotten married and one just got back from her mission!  How time flies.


highlights no.46

Happy Wednesday!  We're halfway through another week, which means it's halfway to the weekend!  Woohoo!  We're hoping to go enjoy THESE fun people put on some Shakespeare in the park on Saturday night (after David finishes studying himself silly).

In the meantime here are some fun posts from around the web:

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& I know we've all done a bit of Facebook stalking in our time, but THIS story will make us all feel better about ourselves (I know it's long, but keep reading - it's pretty amazing)



Sunday dinner

Lots of times our Sunday dinner ends up being leftovers from Saturday night, but not this week!  We actually sat down and made something - and something new at that.  Go.  Us.

Last night's menu consisted of feta & mozzarella spinach wrapped crescent rolls + fruit and yogurt (or cottage cheese, in David's case), and a showing of Jumanji - when was the last time you watched that movie?  I think I was probably 10. . .

Anyway, it was fresh, yummy, and easy.  We gave the rolls a 4 outta 5, probably for the feta.  But don't misunderstand me - we love feta - it just wasn't either of our favorite melted down in these rolls.  We might need to experiment with some other cheese choices for next time.

All in all a nice, relaxing Sunday evening - and now it's Monday again - which means back to the grindstone (for David anyway).  If I had my way we'd rewind back to THIS Monday...maybe I'll just have to pretend I'm at the beach today - pool day anyone?

P.S. Yes I did change my header again...we'll see if this one lasts for more than two weeks this time.



To celebrate our first 365 days of marriage, David planned a surprise celebration for the two of us, and, lucky for me, it involved delicious food.  He knows me all too well.

We got in the car and drove south to LA, got off at Santa Monica Blvd., and traipsed our way toward Beverly Hills.  We stopped outside a small little restaurant with a saber-tooth tiger skull hung up next to the door.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit hesitant about going inside, but I needn't have been.  THE SHERBOURNE might have some eclectic decor, but the food (oh the food!), and the delightful service were the best.

We had a fabulous time trying every dish that caught our eye (like tasting scallops for the first time), chatting up our server (an up and coming Hollywood actress), and enjoying the ambiance of the restaurant (saber-tooth tiger skulls and all).

We didn't enjoy any of that food.
Not at all. . .

And, yes, even though I hated to ask our server to take a picture with flash in this dark, quaint little restaurant, I did it anyway.  For memories.

It was worth it.

Cheers to our first year together sweetheart!  Let's have many more to come!



One year ago today, around 2:00 in the afternoon, David and I stepped out of the Newport Beach Temple for the first time as husband and wife.  Now 365 days, a honeymoon, a couple college graduations, a few burned dinners, a move to southern California, a new niece & nephew, and a new job later we're still just as happy and possibly having more fun than we were a year ago.

Love you David - I can't wait to celebrate with you tonight!


laguna & the beach

Yesterday we drove up north a bit to stroll around Laguna, window shop, and enjoy the sunshine - oh, and play with baby Ethan some more, but that's kind of a given.

And yes I took a million pictures, so sue me.

After a few hours of Laguna we headed back home and geared up with reading materials, sunscreen, & umbrellas for our last afternoon at the beach with the fam.  Good thing we live in California and can still squeeze out a few more beach days this summer up north, but we sure are going to miss hanging out with the Nemrow clan.

We love you Nemrows!  Thanks for a great week of sun, sand, and the best company around!


lunch & a stroll

Tuesday morning I had a hankering for an early stroll down to the pier and David, being the kind man he is, crawled out of bed and came with me.

He's a keeper that one.

We looked pretty touristy, you know, with my big camera around my neck, but I couldn't resist some early morning pictures:

For lunch we scouted out a real San Clemente treasure: The Riders Club
It's a DE-licious gourmet burger shack that I've somehow overlooked all these years of beaching down south.  My loss.

I got their quinoa burger with goat cheese and avocado and let me tell you, I think I must of died and gone to heaven.  It was so good.  Definitely a must try if you're in the area - I'm talkin' to you mom, dad, & Brooke!