go cougs

Two constants of my college career were BYU football and my game day buddies, neither of which changed much over the years, as you can see.  Along the way we added a 5th roommate to our group (who is now my permanent roommate), and thanks to him (or more specifically his parents) I started sitting much closer to the field and enjoying free ice cream during the 3rd quarter.  These are good memories . . .

Tonight we're eatin' pancakes and watchin' the first BYU game of the season. 

It feels weird not to be at the stadium with rest of our Cougar fans, decked in white to cheer on our team.  It feels even weirder to say that David and I are watching our Alma mater play tonight.  Gosh, when did we do all this growing up?  College always seemed to be something I was looking forward to or was in the thick of, but now.  Now, all of a sudden, I'm on the other side of it.  Done.  Graduated.  Moved out and on. 

I'm sure I'll get used to the idea of being an alumni instead of a student, but for now it's still comforting to hear David yell after each down, and know that every fall I'll still have BYU football to look forward to.

Go Cougs.

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Brendan said...

Its weird, right. I had the same feeling on my first day of Optometry school. It was the think that was always so far in the future and then its here. Weird. We missed the BYU game but did enjoy the OSU game, who also won.