the last day of march

my open living room window

it is 61 degrees out there,
and it's supposed to stay in the high 50's for the next 7 days
(so says my weather widget on my mac, and it's pretty much almost always right).

so the question is:
is this the spring tease?
is the weather just playing with our spring fever?
is it going to dump 5 inches of snow in two weeks?

i don't trust Utah.

too often it gets my hopes up for warm weather and dashes them faster than you can say tan lines.
(can't wait to get me a couple of those this summer)

well, here's hoping.
i'm giving you the benefit of the doubt this one time Utah.

i give you permission to rain, but only because that means it'll be too warm to snow.



a good weekend

reason #1:
David and I got to drive down to California
with lots of cheek-kissing/ 90's pop songs to make sure we were awake and fabulous desert sunsets

reason #2:
We got to hang out with my family and booked a (tentative) venue for the reception
 which feels awesome

and reason #3:
Both David and I interviewed for internships this summer and...
we both got the job!!

you can imagine our excitement.

my summer will be spent planning gorgeous weddings (including my own) in San Diego with these fabulous folks,

and his will be spent doing debits & credits in LA with these guys.

life is pretty grand right now my friends, pretty grand indeed.

hope your weekend was just as fabulous!


and so it begins...

So you thought I was kidding about this turning into my wedding blog.
Totally serious:

dress shopping
aka: the hardest part of planning this wedding
(right after picking a date and finding a venue for my reception)

here's how it went: 
We went for the first time this last Saturday afternoon,
and thanks to David's impeccable timing I got to bring all these ladies with me:

We had a ridiculous amount of fun trying on many, many more dresses than there are pictures on this post and taking an equally ridiculous amount of pictures
(thanks Kristin!)

And so the search has officially begun.

I'm thinking a t length dress could be fun...?
No beading?
Scoop neck?
Quarter-length sleeves?
Cap sleeves?

Okay, I'm still working on it.

In the meantime we're still going to have fun taking ridiculous amounts of pictures


the story

Dear friends,

Lots has happened between my last post and now...do you want to know how much?

that much.

Would you like to hear the story?

I thought so:

Rewind to 
Friday March 18th

Caitlin invited David and I on a group date to take a tour of the Conference Center in Salt Lake.

Why would I be suspicious?  Totally normal.

David had "group meetings" till 4:00 so we decided to put a few more holes in the o-zone layer and take three different cars up to Salt Lake.

The tour guide took the six of us all through the center and showed us paintings, sculptures and told us the history of the building etc etc...

Finally we made it up to the gardens on the roof.

The group dispersed (and I apparently tried to follow the tour guide), but David tugged me over to the corner of the balcony asking if I could see if any flowers had popped up along the edges of the walls...
(I also did not find this suspicious at all for some reason)

I scanned the flower beds, but everything was pretty much dead
(it is still March after all),
and was just about to turn back to find the group
 when all of a sudden David gets really serious.

Which of course freaked me out.

He told me he had taken me up on the roof for another reason and that actually Caitlin hadn't planned this date.
He told me he'd asked her to invite us to come to the Conference Center because he wanted to ask me a question...

To which I responded,

"What?  REALLY?  Now??"

And, well, the rest is pretty self explanatory:

Somehow I overlooked his hiding place for the ring box...

The proposal.

And, after being paralyzed with pure shock for a full 5 seconds,
I said yes,
(well actually I said 'yeah,'
and David may never let me forget it)
And there was lots of celebrating:

It turns out everyone was in on the scheme except for me - even our tour guide knew!  Either all these people are very good actors, or I am ridiculously gullible.
Probably the ladder.

 We also couldn't resist leaving our mark on the Conference Center's guest books:

I was all ready to run off to dinner with the rest of the group as we had previously planned, but I was then informed we drove 3 different cars up to Salt Lake on purpose.

Apparently we had a reservation we had to hurry off across the street to.

Please note I called every member of my immediate family at this time and I left messages on all their machines except for one of my sister-in-laws who was kind enough to pick up and pretend she had no idea I just got engaged.
This might have been suspicious if I'd been thinking clearly.

At The Roof on the top floor of the Joseph Smith Bldg.

I also didn't fail to mention, to almost every person we passed on the way up to the restaurant, that we had just gotten engaged.
That might have been kind of embarrassing now that I think about it...

After dinner we took a stroll around Temple Square:
And I couldn't take my eyes off my left hand:

To wrap up the night I told David we should go to his parent's house and tell them the news.
He thought that was a great idea.

When we drove up to the house all the blinds were drawn and the lights dimmed - I thought they'd already gone to sleep.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

Every member of both our families
(mine flying in all the way from CA to surprise me - hence the phones having to be turned off)
were squished in the Nemrow's front room to celebrate our engagement with cheesecake and Martinelli's.

It was the loveliest night,
and I may still be recovering from the adrenalin overdose induced by all those surprises,
but I just wanted to warn you that this blog may unintentionally now become a forum for all my wedding plan ideas for the next 5 months.
Starting tomorrow.

Consider yourself warned.



snow activities

Q: What's the worst thing about sledding?

A: Having to drag your sled back up the hill, right??

Problem solved.

This my friends in the rope-tow at Soldier's Hollow
and it is the best thing ever invented.

This last Saturday afternoon was spent sliding up and down this very hill and getting towed back to the top.
(throwing slushballs at each other the whole way up of course)

Now, I'm plenty happy that the snow has melted itself away from Provo,
but Heber can keep it all year long as far as I'm concerned.

Especially if it's 50 degrees every time I go sledding.
This I could get used to:


pi day

to that boy I spend all my time with

I hope you enjoyed eating yourself silly at this place with me last night as much as I did.



a big day

Yesterday that is,
because I got to do something I've been wanting to do all winter...

I finally pulled out my Rainbows
 for the first time since last summer.
Yes, my friends, yesterday was finally warm enough to pull out my flip flops,
lounge in the sun a bit
and be completely, totally and incandescently happy.

Alright that's not true.
When the snow is gone for good I'll get there,

(which won't be for a while...
because it rained today, it's supposed to be cloudy tomorrow
and there's a 50% chance of thunder storms for the next day)

but for now my toes were happy for one blessed afternoon of freedom from hiding under my boots and socks.

Can we do that again soon Utah weather?
It would make me the happiest.


Saturday morning

I'll give you 3 guesses how I'm spending 4 lovely hours this Saturday morning/afternoon:

Ok, you'll never guess.
I'll tell you.

I'll be sitting in the JSB auditorium at an Accounting Review.

Again you're asking:  
Sometimes I ask myself that question too...

But quite honestly when you're boyfriend is an Accounting 200 TA/ MACC student it's not so bad,
and how great is my professor for giving up his Saturday to help us study?
Pretty great.

But let's be honest,
all I really want is for this review to hurry up and be over so I can go snow tubing on this beautiful 52 degree Saturday.

Too bad I can't just fast-forward Norm 1.7 times like I do when I watch his CD's...



Is one day enough for you to get over my photo overdose yesterday?

I sure hope so because I want to show you all the fun I'm having with B/W.

Now, I'm aware that I am no Ansel Adams
and this isn't quite Yosemite,

but isn't black & white just the best??
I'm dying over the texture as we speak...

Sometimes color is vastly overrated.


alright already

I'll take a break from my Accounting Pre-Lecture studying to write to you guys.
I'm not much of a camper/hiker/outdoorsy individual,
I think Moab is probably one of the most gorgeous places to spend a few days exploring.
That is, if you're not counting greenery,
and/or a viable source of water.
None of which I saw this past weekend.
But if I could camp there for 3 days and 2 nights without getting exasperated, anyone can.
Plus can I please just remind you that this was a school field trip for my photography class?

I was getting college credit for hiking all around Arch's National Park and playing with my camera.


Ready for some of my pictures?
I thought you'd never ask.

Delicate Arch:

Mesa Arch:

Devil's Garden:

Balance Rock:
(please note I almost peed my pants with excitement over the shooting star in this first one)
Dead Horse Point:

Double Arch:
And now I'm pretty sure I just photo-overloaded you.
I'll save my B/Ws for next time.