alright already

I'll take a break from my Accounting Pre-Lecture studying to write to you guys.
I'm not much of a camper/hiker/outdoorsy individual,
I think Moab is probably one of the most gorgeous places to spend a few days exploring.
That is, if you're not counting greenery,
and/or a viable source of water.
None of which I saw this past weekend.
But if I could camp there for 3 days and 2 nights without getting exasperated, anyone can.
Plus can I please just remind you that this was a school field trip for my photography class?

I was getting college credit for hiking all around Arch's National Park and playing with my camera.


Ready for some of my pictures?
I thought you'd never ask.

Delicate Arch:

Mesa Arch:

Devil's Garden:

Balance Rock:
(please note I almost peed my pants with excitement over the shooting star in this first one)
Dead Horse Point:

Double Arch:
And now I'm pretty sure I just photo-overloaded you.
I'll save my B/Ws for next time.

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Christa Jeanne said...

WOW, Carly! These are exquisite! I'm especially impressed with the nighttime shots. Well done!