I've been known to question whether Disneyland is the happiest place on earth**...but if you're there with people like these there is no questions that it most definitely is:

We came home with (very) sore, (extremely) tired feet...and it was the best.

**When I was a little girl we had to switch who got to choose which rides to go on between the (then) three kids.  However since the line was so short at Indiana Jones my parents let the boys ride it twice in a row while mom and I waited out by the Jungle Cruise.  My mom waved the boys and my dad on the ride and then turned to see me red eyed and sobbing.  I then confidently informed her (having just started to learn to read) that "This is not the happiest place on earth!" 
As you can imagine it's pretty much been a family joke since then.


highlights no. 16

This is the last around the web Wednesday of 2011!  Enjoy the best highlights of the year!

The three best gadgets of 2011

Best of LA 2011!! (We'll have to dogear this one for later...)

Best songs of 2011

The best viral videos of the year

Also these other things are pretty cool:

City shower curtains?  Yes please.

Muppet alphabet poster - kind of awesome.

I want to re-make this jar.

And a true statement.

x's & o's my friends!


laguna + christmas eve

There is something magical about spending Christmas in a place that looks like this:

Over the past couple of years we've taken to the tradition of eating breakfast at the Cottage in Laguna Beach on Christmas Eve morning.  It's the best.

Also we always go bowling.

It was quite a merry Christmas Eve.

P.S. I apologize for the lateness...I just took too many pictures not to share them.


Happy Christmas!

I love opening all my parent's Christmas cards this time of year and what with us being all "grown up" and married and all I figured it was time for us to get one too!  

However...what with us being all newlywed, college students and poor and all I figured an electronic card works just as well.

Merry Christmas!


san clemente

We ate pizza, walked in the sand & saved a little bird.

All in a days work.


this is how we buca

Buca di Beppo that is.  Yesterday was Kristin's birthday and we celebrated with lots and lots of Italian food.

Thank goodness for reasons to partayy!


highlights no.15

What would hump day be without around the web wednesday?  Since there's not much to be dreading this week the list is pretty short - enjoy & then get back to baking Christmas sugar cookies with your mother.

The key to storing boots

Darling (free) printable decor for a nursery

Random.  But these little guys are just too cute not to share.

Proof that Santa was here!

I'm obsessed with calendars

Christmas with kraft paper

& (if you've got big plans {we're working on it} for New Year's Eve), you should do your hair like this


What is a trip to southern California without a day trip to Balboa island?  Mom was savvy and grabbed us some tickets for a boat ride around Newport harbor to see all the Christmas lights - it was all sorts of delightful.

Then it was off to Ruby's at the end of the pier for some dinner:

And toppin' off the night with a Bal Bar or two, or three...

and lots of happy couple shots:

P.S. This is my pose for the next couple of weeks - notice the polite pinky up ;)