highlights no. 25

Happy LEAP DAY!!  Hope your February 29th is a good one (because you won't get a second chance for a better one anytime in the near future...)

Enjoy some highlights from around the web!

I'm all over these city inspired wedding ideas

check out how popular Pinterest really is

these pictures are oddly interesting

lovin' the neon

a great DIY mug

I've always loved The Sound of Music

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog...seriously

such a darling idea for a little one

the perfect one piece (of course it's from Jcrew, did you really have to ask?) 

don't call me Oscar

 a great use of ombre

if I had an Ipad...THIS would be a great cover

sign me up for this painted cakes class

and how to pack TEN days worth of clothes in your CARRY-ON luggage (I'm still not sure this is possible...)


celebrate good times

So since our Valentine's Day/ 6 month anniversary plans kinda got put on the back burner a while back we decided to do some celebrating Friday night:

Dinner at THIS new Provo place + dessert at home, a movie & some Martinellis?

Yep, we're real hard to please.

Thank goodness for excuses to celebrate.


sad day

Well, the day has finally come.

The day Nordstrom packs itself up and moves out of the University Mall in Orem.

And you know what's worse?  I still have a gift card to use.
Which I don't want to waste paying for shipping by ordering online...

The closest store is now about an hour away.

A sad day indeed for shoppers in the Provo area.
Our options just shrunk considerably (and perhaps decreasing temptation might be a good thing)

Good thing I'm moving in a couple months.

p.s. here's a little pick-me-up for the sans-Nordstroms blues


thought of the day

Wise words to live by.

Picture via.


highlights no. 24

Congrats for getting halfway through the week!  Friday is now two days closer than it was before.
Let's celebrate:

my favorite candle

haven't watched this for a while - still laughing

the United Plates (I'd like a piece of Maryland please)

what to do with a 5-hour layover

cute DIY dry-erase calendar

the perfect skirt

lovely hand lettering
     plus some free fonts!

a million things to do with a mason jar (okay, it's more like 50ish things)

a little encouragement


great business cards

the truth

I'm all about an easy Jcrew copy

this seems too good to be true

a quote I need to put on my wall

how to look good in pictures

these are on my to-make list

I love Tangled, ergo I need to make this soup

And last, but not least, for all you Downton Abbey fanatics (including myself), these paper dolls are a hoot

P.S. Just in case you're getting married next month, THIS GIRL is great and she's offering her picture snapping services for FREE - regardless you really ought to check her out.


just because

Someone taught that boy of mine well.

P.S. "Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?"
       (High-fives to anyone who can name that movie)

President's Day

There are few things better than a 3-day weekend, especially when family comes to town.

(minus two - we missed you guys!)

I've been boarding since I was 12ish, but I'm wondering if i should ditch the board for a bit and try out skis again (Dave and I scored some passes to Alta, and it would be a shame not to use them).

Lets be honest, I have no sense of balance and perhaps having two feet strapped to a couple smaller slips of wood would be a better idea.

We'll see what happens...


a taste of childhood

Lets be honest, Harry Potter pretty much equals childhood in my book (pun intended).

And last night a dream came true - we drank BUTTERBEER.

Your proof:

It was a bit too sweet for my non-magical tongue, but delightful all the same.


P.S. I want to make something like these with the left over bottles - so cute, right?


this & that

Been lovin' THESE boots (for the last three years) - no, seriously, I wear these every day during the winter.

Got my eye on a watch like THAT.


6 months & skiing

Such a great combination.

Can we do this every monthiversary please?

p.s. We both actually snowboard, but I always say we're "going skiing."  Does anyone else do that too? 


the 14th

Our Valentine's day in pictures:

It was a lovely lunch.
Oh, you thought we had time to make this before Dave's 8:00 AM class?

Fooled ya!

P.S. Things definitely tasted better shaped like hearts.


thought of the day


Picture via.


highlights no. 23

the true definition of winter

everything you need for the cutest party on the block

I LOVE these pillows

a couple more reasons why I love Downton Abbey: #1 & #2

great stamps

a bunch of great free fonts

love ever after - such a sweet idea!

I love me a good IKEA hack

wrapping paper tape

gorgeous city silhouettes

how to shop in teen stores at any age!

macro snowflake photography

I'm going to take THIS theory and run with it...

this made me chuckle

pillows I could (maybe) make!

and a game I would love to have in my backyard, wouldn't you?



Hope you tell someone you love them today!

Your mom counts too (Love you mom!)



sorry ladies

He's taken.

And he's all mine.


We woke up to a winter wonderland Sunday morning full of big, wet, fatty flakes that didn't stop falling till the sun went down.

I guess it is February so it's about time we had some snow on the ground but winter and I still have a love/hate relationship.

We're going skiing for President's day this weekend with my family, so snow in the mountains is greatly appreciated.

Scraping the snow of the car windshield.
And wet feet.

Dear winter,
Even though you showed up three months late I still expect you to be outta here by March/April.
Thanks in advance.



Absolutely EVERYTHING about this blog makes me want to forget what I'm doing and go wander the streets of Paris.
In a very Sabrina-esque sort of way.

Wanna come with me?


early presents

My plan didn't exactly line up with the 14th so we had to improvise.

1) A 'romantic' crock-pot dinner was planned and prepared and eaten.

A little taste of home-style cookin' (thanks to a recipe book full of my momma's best) and do you like our little Hawaii magnet?  It is seriously the only thing we brought back from our honeymoon.  I had such plans to collect some serious tangible memories...turns out stuff is more expensive in the middle of the Pacific ocean (and I didn't need a hula boy for my dashboard).

And then off to the main event.

2) Tickets to The 39 Steps at the Hale Center Theatre in Orem
Last time I saw this play I was on another lovely island toward the east:

The plane flight wasn't quite so long to the theatre Thursday night, but the show was just as good.

p.s. have you ever been to the Hale Center Theatre, my dear Utah friends?  It's kind of adorable - and to be honest we were among the youngest folks in the audience.  It was awesome.

All in all a great date night.  We just pretended it was the 14th ;)



You only really get 14 days in February to decorate for Valentines day, so I made an executive decision for our house:
I started decorating for Valentine's day over a month ago.

I blame Pinterest for the inspiration (as always).

And then it was all downhill from there:

Only 5 more days to keep em' up!
Then I'm going to have to figure out how to decorate with four-leaf clovers...


the baker

Did I ever tell you I married a man who loves the kitchen?
I go to a group meeting last night and I come home to this:

Mmmm mmm, freshly baked OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIES.
One of my faves.

And the recipe Dave found was to die for, something about soaking the raisins in a vanilla/egg mixture.  Delish.

We now have a happy, overly full cookie jar that we'll need some help emptying.

Although we made some pretty good headway last night...



highlights no. 22

Happy Wednesday!  We've made it halfway through the week (which means I'm done with classes - yippee!  it's good to be a senior.)

Here are some highlights from around the web:

33 fixes for an empty stomach - things that will fill you up with less calories

a great quote to live by

THIS is adorable (Dave and I have watched it oh...just a few times)

darling Thank You cards

I am most definitely going to make this map for all our adventures

the everyday wave

how to throw yourself a proper pity party

DIY gold dipped bowls

grocery store sale cycles...good stuff to know

who wouldn't wanna adopt these cute pups?

urban camouflage

mini lego realism

The Pond.  A darling little shop.

how to speak French.  Please laugh.

an interesting concept...I wouldn't say no to one every month...

a (FREE downloadable) paper city Paris!


and p.s. THIS is my cute cousin and his bride-to-soon-be, how darling are they right?  I LOVE all the color


this & that

Lovin' THESE darling victorian tumblers (we have a mix of the white and green ones and I drink out of little else in our house)

Wantin' THOSE vintage S&P shakers - so stinkin' cute (and we still don't have a set of our own...hint hint husband of mine ;)


thought of the day

Did you just melt a little inside?
I most definitely did.

I also just decided we're getting a cat when we move to LA.  A little kitten.  Dave will be at work so much he almost doesn't have a say.

 picture via


great success

Since we've been married it's become a big deal when we get out of the house and hang out with another couple.
But it's true.

When we were dating it was just to be expected.  We hung out with roommates and doubled on lots of dates {until we got engaged, of course - we happily kept to ourselves at that point}

Now that we're married we mostly spend our time at the apartment.

A typical Friday night will include making dinner together, talking, cleaning the house and watching something from RedBox {Netflix is starting to let us down}, or Downton Abbey or Burn Notice...
Oh and a bowl of ice cream & milk.  Always.

ANYWAYS we got out of the routine this last Friday night and hung out with James & Jani {who are so stinkin' cute by the way}

We strolled around a 20(ish) degree downtown Provo walking from gallery to free gallery {with free treats too} all apart of the Downtown Provo Gallery Stroll.

Yeah, we're pretty cultured.
We look at art on Friday nights.

I'm also ridiculous and I only took pictures of this umbrella room...and none of those pictures involve me and David standing together {or any of me for that matter} - FAIL.

It turned out to be a lovely night all the same, topped off with homemade crepes and good company.

Maybe we should hang out with other people more often...

Side Note: This little gallery stroll is on the first Friday of every month here in Provo, and Dave and I have been trying to go to it since we started dating - as in September of 2010.  And we finally went last Friday.  Please hold your applause.


hair musings

Confession: I honestly did not learn how to curl my hair until I moved away to college.

It's true.
Ask my mom.
(she curled my hair all through high school - bless her)

My freshman roommate (undoubtedly taking pity on my lack of skills) patiently taught me how to get by with a curling iron (bless her too).

And right when I was getting the hang of the thing I decided to lop off most of my tresses into a cute little A-line bob the summer before my sophomore year.

As you can imagine, my curling iron gathered a bit of dust.

I've been growing my hair out from then till now and haven't touched the thing much in between
(except for an interesting Shirley Temple episode when I thought it was a good idea to curl my shoulder-length hair...think again)

Long story short(er), I finally have hair long enough(ish) to put a curling iron to it...and I still have no idea what I'm doing.

Enter Pinterest.

THIS was a great tutorial I found on how to curl hair in a completely different way than I've seen before (coming from the non-expert over here) so I tried it out before the basketball game the other night...

It went alright (excluding my burned forehead - inevitable), but by the end of the game, well...

Exhibit A:

And that's only after a few hours of sitting (and a few pound of hairspray mind you)

The thing is guys, my hair won't hold a curl for the life of it and I can't seem to figure out why.

Perhaps I just need to reconcile myself to my straight(ish) hair and big buns on top of my head or maybe just cut my losses and go back to the bob (or something equally as darling as this lady's hair - SO cute, right? can I do bangs?? I have no idea...My only fear is that Pinterest will become a little more depressing...ya know, when I'll see things like this, this or this - I'm just going to have to prepare myself.)

But I digress.

The point is I'm on the hunt for the key to keeping my curls for more than an hour, it's possibly impossible, but your comments would be much appreciated!