how cool is this?

I wanted to do this for the send off after my reception,
but apparently we have a fire code in Southern California or something.

such a pity.


bridesmaids bridesmaids...

what's the most time-consuming aspect of a wedding?

the bride's dress..?
the cake..?
the decorations..?

it's the bridesmaid's dresses, 

But, this time, I think I've got it:


some sort of lovely necklace or bracelet or hair something.

but, of course, that's still in the works...

your thoughts?


hey hey!
invitations have officially been sent out!

keep your eye on that mailbox!


the best day

yesterday I got to go to this place:

with these people:

and this guy:

1 month!!!


sweet tooth

Perhaps it's because I'm getting married in 34 days 
(15 hours, 59 minutes and 3 seconds),
or maybe it's because I'm interning with a wedding planner this summer and have gone to a wedding every weekend for 3 weeks in a row...

whatever the reason, I've got a thing for cakes right now
and I love these ones:

hungry yet?

me too.

p.s. I got all these beauties here.

for the love of lace

too bad you can't register on etsy


a few days belated

some people have traditions for the 4th...
this family?
our tradition is to be out of town
(preferably boating on Lake Mead)

so when we figured we would be sticking around for the 4th this year we had to come up with something to do.

our decision:
ward pancake breakfast in the morning,
shopping for the girls in the early afternoon,
all American BBQ for lunch + a dip in the pool,

then off to the ball game, Angels vs. Detroit Tigers, for the evening!

And what a lovely 4th of July it turned out to be!

Here's hoping your 4th was full of fireworks, family and the red, white & blue!


a little peek

Alright, so I've developed this bad habit.  
I often promise you, dear blog world, a post to be forthcoming, and, if truth be told, I probably follow through about 35% of the time.

This is a pretty bad track record.

I mean, how will you ever be able to trust me again??
So, here I am, attempting to make amends.

This is the smallest of sneak peeks into my hair and make-up trial for the BIG day,
as promised.

The before process:

 That poor chair got completely coated in hairspray!  
Note to self: cover with towel next time

And then, of course, I had to try on my dress  to get the full effect:

And that's all I'm going to show you dear readers!
I want the wedding pictures to be a surprise, 
but I just couldn't resist sharing what a great job Swell Beauty did!

Check them out here


a summer first

So, we've been living in California since the middle of last month, but somehow David and I haven't had a spare second to escape down to the coast.

Problem solved on Thursday.
 Thank goodness!

And I only slightly burned the back of my legs!
Great success.

My next objective is to focus on getting rid of those tan lines around my neck.
You see, I had my hair and make-up preview for the big day last week (sneak peek soon to come!) and I tried on my dress and...
well, I'm not wearing a turtle-neck, so said tan lines will be completely visible.
This is a problem.

Working on it.
Sort of.