Happy General Conference weekend!  We're enjoying the morning by whippin' up some pancakes - hope your morning is just as sweet!

Watch it live online here.


Picture via Etsy
Found via Pinterest


new favorite

I've always wanted to like them more than I do.
Mostly I take my nuts salted or sugared or cinnamoned - not exactly the healthiest way to snack

Well, turns out, I found a (healthier) way to like my almonds.

Roast them!

Pre-heat the oven to 350.
Toss them on a cookie sheet.
Put them in there for 10 minutes.
And ta-dah! Dry roasted almonds, just as healthy and good for you as raw almonds.

Mmm mmm good!



Last Saturday night, Dave and I were sitting around doing homework.
We'd already spent our date budget for the weekend so...what else was there to do?

Our solution:  the poor, married college student's date

The plan
Looked up what time the sun sets (7:42 PM I think it was),
made chocolate-banana milkshakes,
and find a look-out point.

Oh Provo, I fear I'm going to miss you more than I'd like to admit.

You like my Where the Wild Things Are t-shirt and our high quality cups?  
We're tryin' to keep it classy.

Oh, and our apologies to the handful of cars that drove up after us wanting our look-out spot.  Sorry folks, the married couple was on a date.
Find your own spot to park.


highlights no. 29

Dave and I are both seniors.
And it's starting to show.

We pretty much just have enough motivation left to get to the end of the semester.
Good thing that's all the motivation we need ;)

And now here's some motivation to procrastinate your homework a little bit more...

night gardening - so cute

a cute DIY

Russian roulette pizza tray (I love it)

some sweet kisses

a darling dress 

what the brain thinks about love 

how to make an AWESOME headboard 

a yummy, easy dinner

how to save your ticket stubs 

and my friend made these cupcakes the other night (SO good)




Yesterday a boy in my class told me that I remind him of Kate Middleton.
(you know, when I don't come to class with a big bun on my head)

Cheers to you Recreational Law & Liability boy.  You sure know how to compliment a lady.


book candy

David and I have been listening to the first Hunger Games via book on tape for the past week.  We finished up this afternoon with a 3 hour finale curled up on our bed.

In my sweats, a big bun on my head, and a sore throat we gobbled up, what David has affectionately termed, book candy - aka: the kind of sugary stuff you just want curl up with, loose track of time, and get lost in the plot because you need to know what happens next.

It was a delightful 3 hours of story telling.
Waste of time?
Oh no.

We're both excited for the movie, but we think we'll let the crowds disperse from the theaters before going to see it (and, let's be honest, I'd probably fall asleep if we went to the midnight showing).


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highlights no. 28

Happy Wednesday all! 
So I had a little bit of a crisis over here on the blog. . .turns out, as of last night, I had used up ALL the storage space my blog provides.
That's it.  No more pictures.
Turns out, if you just upload a picture to blogger, but don't post it to your blog, it forever becomes archived in your Picasa Web Album online which adds to your 1 GB of allotted blogger storage space.
And I have, well, uploaded a few pictures that I decided not to post over the last 3 years.
So I spent a good portion of last night comparing old blog posts & my albums on Picasa to whittle down the ones that didn't make the cut.
I've made it June 2010...

While I go look through some more old pictures you enjoy some posts from around the web:

a letter on love

a great commercial

don't these waffles look divine?

pretty pegs for your all your Ikea needs

makin' a mess

75 ways to show your love

good stuff from Asos

an awesome workshop - how do I get a job doing that?

creative vases

a beautiful event

the best way to travel (aka: luggage-less)

a lovely way to celebrate

wallflowers.  literally.

And I am going to make THIS.  So excited.


10 things I'll tell my grandkids

 (1) I'm older than Google, iphones & Facebook

(2) I was born in the 1900's

(3) I watched the rise and fall of the compact disc

(4) I remember thinking DVD's would never catch on (what could ever replace my VHS tapes?)

(5) I put rolls of film in my first camera & got them developed at Savon

(6) I've driven in cars that only have a tape player

(7) My first CD was 'N Sync

(8) My first phone was a Nokia Brick (and Snake was my favorite game)

(9) I remember having to check out books from the library to write a report

(10) and I used to Ask Jeeves

Picture via Style Me Pretty
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7 months

We made it one more month around the horn!  It was a happy St. Patrick's Day/ 7 month anniversary at our house:

Gift cards to Chilis = dinner at Chilis
(2 for $20 deal + an appetizer?  They know us too well)

And then (green) mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert, a nod to the Irish & Kung Fu Panda 2 for entertainment.

Woohoo for 7 months!


time flies

1 year ago today, that boy of mine got down on one knee and asked me a very important question.
I'm so glad (after recovering from complete shock) that I said YES!

Time sure flies when you're having fun!


the little things

Another reason why I love floral design:

Don't those flowers just make you smile?
Good.  Me too.

P.S. it's been in the 60's all this week...and today it's supposed to rain.  I'm not even going to mention the weather report for tomorrow.
See ya later spring fever, we had a good run.


weird looks

I guess you can expect to get some of those when you have your door wide open at 11:00 in the PM while it's snowing outside because you don't want to die from the fumes you're creating while spray painting a pair of mirrors you eventually want to hang in your bedroom...

At least that's the sort of weird look our neighbor gave me when he walked by the other night (which now was about a week ago - I just never got around to uploading photos - my bad).

What was I spray painting?  Well, do you remember these guys?

I wouldn't blame you if you don't.  I would have forgotten about them if they hadn't been sitting in our hallway for the past handful of months.  We bought them wayyyy back in 2011 (as in 4 months ago) and, I'm a little ashamed to admit, I haven't touched them since.
Okay, that's not true.  I did dust them a couple of times.

Well, (you know, since we're moving in 3 months) I've decided to finally get my butt in gear and finish decorating our bedroom.

Logical, I know.
Almost as logical as starting this spray painting project at 9:30 at night while it's snowing outside.

And yes, in case you were wondering, it DID take forever to tape those mirrors up.  Thanks for asking.

Good thing it was worth it, because it's pretty great to have our room looking a little more put together (only a little mind).

And tad-ah!  Our new headboard: 

It's nice to finally have something up on the wall (ya know, after 7 months...) - your thoughts?


birthday boy

What better way to start your birthday than with streamers and cream cheese frosted cinnamon rolls (aka: cake) for breakfast?

After classes I picked up the birthday boy, blindfolded him, and drove him around circles in Provo on our way to dinner.

This was his reaction:
Woohoo for birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse!

 We had fall-off-the-bone ribs and Dave rode the birthday saddle - it was a party.
Please notice the THREE to-go boxes to my left and the birthday balloon our waiter gave us.  
I told you it was a party.

Happy birthday hun!  Here's to 25 more years together!


highlights no. 27

Happy Wednesday!  And (more importantly) happy pi day!  Did you know it was pi day - March 14th aka 3.14?  It wasn't exactly a holiday I celebrated until I started dating David.  Turns out pi day is also HIS BIRTHDAY!  So you can count on us doing some definite partyin' tonight (and probably having pie instead of cake).  In the meantime here are some great links from around the web...

some great easy artwork

surprise! - I've always wanted to try doing this

the cutest notepad

in case you need more London prints (I always do)

if girl scouts always party like this, sign me up!

this makes me want to stop by Austin, TX for a while

some great retro-inspired artwork

cute parties in a box

and some of my favorite flowers




Hello midterms, group projects and statistical software.

Let's be honest with each other - I'd rather be listening to the Beatles.

Print via



Etsy and I have a love/ hate relationship. 
It's such a BIG site offering SO many options that I often get overwhelmed at the thought of sifting through 157+ pages of information.   
However, when someone LINKS to something they've already found for me, I'm rarely disappointed.

Like this shop and these two darling London prints?
I'm in love.

Can you give yourself presents for St. Patrick's Day?  I'm so tempted...


a friday afternoon wedding

Well it happened, another girl from the group up and got herself married to her sweetheart yesterday in the Salt Lake Temple, and we were lucky enough to be a part of it.

I love getting swept up in the energy of a wedding day.  Working with a wedding planner this past summer I got used to the hustle and bustle of the big event, but it's so much more fun with a bride and family you've known for years.

Love you Jar!  This is just the beginning of your happily ever after!


highlights no. 26

Happy Wednesday!  We've been counting down and realized that graduation is only a mere 6-ish weeks away!  This is craziness - I have much too much to do between now and then...

In the meantime here are a few lovely finds from around the web:

darling DIY envelopes

see a familiar face?

the most amazing baby shower

I NEED to try out this homemade Nutella

a good idea for summertime 

an interesting shopping trip

I'll make us one of these...one day

and a bit of JK Rowling just for fun


too good

A while back I found a recipe on Pinterest that looked A-mazing:
in under 5 minutes

What double what, what??
It was love at first click and I added it to our to-try list immediately.

Well we tried it:

And it was. . .okay.
A bit sub par.
Not our favorite.

I had such high hopes!  A quick sugar fix after a 5-minute swirl in the microwave??  What could be better?  Alas, it was indeed too good to be true.

Such has been the way with most of my Pinterest recipe finds...
I guess I need to be more aware of the comments people post instead of looking through all the pretty pictures.

Lesson learned (again).


happy monday

Today I:
(a) didn't wear my jacket walking home from school
(b) rolled the windows down while driving and
(c) went outside at 8:00 PM (sans jacket again) and didn't collect a single goose bump.

Doggone you spring fever!  You came too early!  It's only March 5th and, well, the weatherman says it's supposed to snow on Wednesday. . .

Goodbye mid-ish 60's, it was lovely while it lasted.
See you in a month (or three).


creative juices

They've been aflowin'  this week for some reason - perhaps it's the (long overdue) snowfall around here that has kept me indoors or something, but it's been fun to try out new ideas (or at least ones I got from Pinterest)

First of all, I am still lovin' floral design.  Pretty much a great class, and minus the back to back exams (that she gives you all the answers too) it's pretty low maintenance on the homework side of things.

Also there's snow on the ground outside and I have two vases full of fresh flowers in my apartment.

Feelin' pretty good about that right now.

 Does anyone love those yellowish orange roses as much as me? I think they're pretty amazing.  Also there's a tiny white Persian buttercup (aka: ranunculus, but I love saying buttercup so much more) hiding in there that is swoon worth.
I was doing some digging in one of my scrap craft bags yesterday (I used to work at a scrapbook store in high school so trust me when I say I have A LOT of stuff in that bag) and I found a hidden stash of the most wonderful buttons!  It was quite a find and I couldn't resist pulling up this pin to get some inspiration.  

I need to find a frame for them, but in the meantime it was fun to fiddle...

And do you guys remember THIS post from awhile back?
Well I finally pulled out the spray paint and this is how they turned out:
I love their clean, crisp look and can't wait to get some fresh flowers in them come springtime.

And that's a wrap for now, maybe next time I'll have a big impressive project to show off (or maybe not...), til then happy Friday!



& then there were two

The married life:
5 things you can't blame on your roommates anymore... 

Disclaimer: I've always had the best roommates (what can I say?  I have the best girl friends), however, girls will be girls...

1) The heating bill
Single Excuse: "We split it four ways - no big deal."
Married Excuse: "We haven't cranked it up to 80 that many times this month, right...?"

2) Locking the front door
Single Excuse: "I knew you wouldn't get home from your date til past midnight and I didn't want to lock you out..."
Married Excuse: "You came to bed last."

3) Doing the dishes
Single Excuse: "There are four of us cooking and eating here, of course things will build up."
Married Excuse: "We have to hand-wash everything (no dishwasher in our married pad), of course things will build up."

4) Taking out the trash
Single Excuse: "There are four of us living here, I'm pretty sure one of us will think to to take it out sometime."
Married Excuse: "There are two of us living here, I'm pretty sure one of us will think to to take it out sometime."

And the real kicker...
5) Hair in the shower
Single Excuse: "That hair is too light/ to long/ too something to be mine."
Married Excuse: NO EXCUSE