doctor's orders

Alright, here's the situation:
Doc said I should be drinking a gallon of H20 a day to help me get feeling better again. 

Feeling better?
Oh yeah,

Recap being sick: 
Involved swollen tonsils the size of golf balls (maybe a tiny bit smaller).
100+ degree fevers.
And having mono.

Not the funnest.

But this is not the point.
The point is I'm supposed to be drinking 16 cups of agua all day, every day.

This, my friends, is a lot of water.

Should one person ever be ordered to consume so much liquid in such a small 24-hour time frame?
Can it be done?
I carry around a 16 ounce water bottle with me everywhere I go and refill it at every possible drinking fountain.
Also I am now all too familiar with the layout of the Tanner Building's bathrooms.

So far I can get up to 10-ish cups, but that's been my limit for now.

I'm working on it Doc, I really am, but I never was very good at the gallon challenge.


the snippets

These, my friends, are some of my favorite blogs to read.
They are for those sometimes when you don't have the time you wish you did to sit down and read
and read
and read
about all the things you wish you could.

They are sweet 
and they are short 
and they are gosh darn entertaining.
They are my snippets, 
and I thought you might enjoy them too:



aka: Peanut butter & Honey

     This is a combination I think I've been eating on and off for lunch probably every day since around the second grade and then probably before that too.

Well, after 10+ years I have come to a stop.
Hit a wall.
Need a change.

This week I made something new;
I made myself:
Cucumber Sandwiches.

Definitely - and that's really all that matters.

Wheat bread.  
Cucumber slices. 
Cream cheese. 

No promises this combo will hold out as long as Pb, but here's to trying something new!

P.S. - Anyone have any other sandwich options to share?  


winter epiphanies

Today as I strolled onto campus on this cold and completely predictably gray January-esqe day I realized something:

I need to take Floral Design before I graduate.

To answer your question:
Yes, you may laugh.
And your other question:
Yes, I'm serious.

Walking between the Wilkinson Center and the library I spotted at least 5 people carrying the most colorful arrangements of Gerber daisies, roses and babies breath all swaddled in crisp spring colors of lime green and hot pink tissue paper.

Who doesn't need Gerber daisies on their window sill in the middle of January?

I don't know if I'm the only California girl who gets the mid-Winter-Utah-blues, but flowers sure wouldn't be a bad way to curb my sunshine cravings...I'm just saying.

I've planned it out, and with the time frame I've set up it's got to fit somewhere between April 2011 and April 2012, because 
(crossing all fingers and toes) 
I should hypothetically and probably be done with all things undergraduate related by then.

{ Gasp! }

However the best laid plans of mice and men and me are more than apt to go awry, 
so don't go holding you're breath just yet.

But this also means something else dear blogging friends...
something I didn't quite realize until I looked more closely at my transcripts just the other day:

I am a
senior in college!!

{ Double Gasp! }

It's only because of the exorbitant amount of credit hours I've gleaned over the last 3 years taking classes like Intro to Beginners Bowling and not officially declaring a major until the first semester of my junior year (aka: last semester), 
but the term senior just isn't rolling  smoothly off the tongue quite yet.
Yet being the operative word in that sentence.

I'm more than certain I'll get all too used to my new found seniority status by the time Fall rolls around again.


homework assignment:

It took me awhile, but I finally found the ONE photography class you can take at BYU without being accepted into the Visual Arts program.

RMYL 223 Outdoor Skills Leadership-
Nature Photography

Best class ever.

Expect follow-up posts.


i want to be her

This is proof that that girl exists for everyone.
That girl that always looks wonderful and pulls it all together and you have no idea how she does it.
That girl  
some girl 
for everyone,
even the co-founder and former creative director of Lucky.  
And this is her blog.

It's completely dedicated to the stylish girls this woman sees on the streets of New York.
She stops them, 
talks to them about their style
and then she tells us all their little secrets,
ranging from where they get their chunky jewelry to how they pull off that perfect plaid flannel and still manage to look feminine (which is still a mystery to me by the way).

Too bad I don't live in New York to go shopping with them, but I kind of love it anyway.


guess who...

guess who is playing only an hour away from where I'm sitting right now??

Josh Ritter is playing a solo acoustic show at the Sundance Film Festival this afternoon....

And why am I not there you ask?

Well, three reasons:
1. You have to be a festival badge holder to get in
(and I'm not that cool)
2. I'm working till 5:00 tonight
(and I'm pretty sure he'll be done by then)
3. I'm not 21 
(and won't be till April, which will be infinitely too late)

sad day.


easier said than done

this needs to go next to my bathroom mirror


out of character

Personally, I'm a back row girl.
Always have been.
I'm even willing to compromise for a seat somewhere in the middle.
But you'll almost never see me sitting in

Almost never.

Except this Tuesday.

I bent my own rule...
I sat in the front row of my 500+ student Accounting class.

Now, I know what you're all thinking:
Why on earth is she taking Accounting??
That, my friends, is a complicated question for another time.

The facts are these:
I know my professor.
I eat Sunday dinner at his house roughly every other week.
Oh, and I'm dating his son...

So, yes, I sat in the front row.

But I've come to this conclusion:
People in the front row are...

They sit right next to you even though there are 3 empty seats on either side of both of you.
They feel it necessary to whisper their opinions to you all throughout class.
And I don't think I've ever seen someone's eyes open that wide.
Either he was intensely studying every letter on that PowerPoint slide
or maybe his eyes always look like that...
Regardless of the reason, watching him gave me a headache.

My 2nd Conclusion:
I'm moving back to the second row.


a trip

to San Clemente, Ca

sandy socks and all


Now Utah just needs to get with the program,
because no one should have to walk to school when it's 19 degrees outside.



Cheers  to 365 more wonderful days