doctor's orders

Alright, here's the situation:
Doc said I should be drinking a gallon of H20 a day to help me get feeling better again. 

Feeling better?
Oh yeah,

Recap being sick: 
Involved swollen tonsils the size of golf balls (maybe a tiny bit smaller).
100+ degree fevers.
And having mono.

Not the funnest.

But this is not the point.
The point is I'm supposed to be drinking 16 cups of agua all day, every day.

This, my friends, is a lot of water.

Should one person ever be ordered to consume so much liquid in such a small 24-hour time frame?
Can it be done?
I carry around a 16 ounce water bottle with me everywhere I go and refill it at every possible drinking fountain.
Also I am now all too familiar with the layout of the Tanner Building's bathrooms.

So far I can get up to 10-ish cups, but that's been my limit for now.

I'm working on it Doc, I really am, but I never was very good at the gallon challenge.

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Anonymous said...

Aw, feel better! That is a LOT of water.

Just found your blog, it's really cute :)