highlights #78

Is it Sunday yet?  I am so ready to hop on a plane and fly to Utah for some fun festivities :) And we're going to fly into the Provo airport for the first time.  Living in Provo for four years I always had to fly into Salt Lake and hitch a ride southward, but lo and behold, one year after Dave I graduate this little airport opens up.  Flights are limited and we hear the planes are itty bitty, but it cuts an hour off our travel time.  I'm down for that.

While I go pretend to be getting things together to leave for a week, here are some fun posts form around the web:

I need to hit up a Starbucks and try this asap
     and as long as we're talking about Harry Potter

if I had a fish

these would be the best 

great font combos

fun DIY

I knew I should've worked for Google

a bag on the go

inspiring stories from the Philippines

a cute for the holidays

on my wishlist

another way to get your chalkboard on

and this is NOT safe




How come some weekends seem to last and last, and others (like this one) are over before you know it?  It's ridiculous.  This weekend flew by and now it's Monday all over again.  The injustice.

This past Friday night Dave and I were very excited to try one of our new found Santa Clarita eateries - The Newhall Refinery.  Dave and I haven't gotten excited about a local restaurant in a while so this was a treat.  We give it two thumbs up on food, pricing, and service.  Plus they serve a beet salad with goat cheese - brownie points for sure.  We liked our dinners so much we were persuaded to stay for dessert and our waiter told us we had to order their blueberry bread pudding.  Neither of us have ever had a bread pudding before (and I mostly associate it with being the only dessert anyone ever seems to make on Chopped), but holy moly, this was a winner.  We shared one serving, but honestly, I think I need my own next time...

On Saturday, after washing cars and working a few hours, we headed down to Pasadena and wondered around possible neighborhood options.  The LA commute is not something Dave is keen on doing too much longer if we can help it so...hopefully we'll be moving further south this coming springtime!  We shall see, but as of last night wandering the streets and grabbing a hot chocolate to stroll up and down Colorado Blvd, I was charmed.  Plus we found a tasty hotdog joint, what else do you want from a place to live?

Please stick around fall weather!  My boots will be so very sad to be put away again...
And yes I am aware that most of this post involves us eating - you can see where our priorities lie.


finding fall

I gotta tell you, I have a huge soft spot in my heart for some fall foliage.  Growing up in Southern California I didn't get a lot of fall until I went to college a few states eastward, and now that we're back in the sunshine state...I miss it.  (I actually miss the snow too, and Dave thinks I'm nuts because of it.  But I digress.)  This week, while driving to and from work, I happened to catch a few sparse spots of fall and I couldn't help but snap a few shots. 

Ah fall, I hope you'll stick around long enough in Utah for me to get at least a glimpse of you the month.


highlights #77

Yesterday was such delightful sweater weather.  Like I busted out my house slippers and drank a cuppa hot tea kinda weather.  My favorite.  But today we're back to square one and 85 degrees.  Oh the cruelty.

I'm currently counting down the days till we board a Utah bound plane at the end of this month (in a little more than a week, but who's counting?).  It's going to be one fun and jam packed 7 days of friends, family, weddings, and Thanksgiving.  Seriously, can't wait.  I'm pretty sure we're going to miss any semblance of Utah fall, but I'll settle for winter where I can get it.  Doesn't take much more than wearing boots and a scarf to satisfy me.  Bring it on Utah!  I'm already excited.

In the meantime here are some fun posts from around the web:

a part of me totally digs this funky wallpaper 

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Harry Potter personality test (I'm an ENFJ, aka: Dumbledore - not complaining)

speaking of HP, is this magic?

this is SO happening on our back wall come December 1

a sweet poem

just because it's hot out here doesn't mean it's not dry - pretty sure I need this

and this treat is on my to-try list





A few weeks ago I had some extra time on my hands so I thought I'd try my hand at making my own bread for a while.  I'm loving it - David?  Not so much.  As a good husband, he ate it for a week or so and then, bashfully, admitted to me that it was too dense for him.  More for me then!

We saw Ender's Game on opening night.  Let it be made clear, David and I have only seen one other movie in theatres since we moved here over a year and a half ago (which was Wreck-It Ralph, and so worth it), so it's a big deal that we went.  And again, it was worth it.

Fall has started to sort of fall in our town, just not anywhere close to our house.  After church walks in Newhall are lovely.

We've got a rose garden here at our apartment building - this is our fall around here.

And on my mom's birthday earlier this month she was in the Midwest, so we sang her the Nemrow birthday song over Facetime.  If it's your birthday we take requests - we're also available for parties ;)

Oh, and happy 11/12/13!


the send off committee

Somebody's gotta send a girl off to her last homecoming dance, and we were that such committee Saturday afternoon.  We curled her hair (feelin' pretty proud about how it turned out), tried to embarrass her in from of her date (didn't work), took pictures (sooo many pictures) of her and her group, and then sent them off to dance the night away.  I'd call it a success.

I'm still trying to come to grips with the fact that my little sister is a senior in high school.  When did that happen?  Wasn't I just going to my last homecoming...yesterday?  How time flies.  Before I know it she's going to be graduating and on her way to college.
Then I'll really freak out.

PS - All 5 seasons of Chuck are now on Netflix.  Happy, happy Monday.


web wednesdy #76

Well, some things have happened between my last post and now, most notable of which is that...I got myself a new little part time job!  In addition to my current gig of helping drive some of the neighborhood kids around, I'm also going to be helping out with the special events for the Santa Clarita Valley Boys & Girls Club, which is pretty exciting.  Their big Festival of Trees fundraiser starts next week and I'm going to be helping with sponsors, paper goods, decor, programs, auctions, mailing, etc etc.  My official title is something like "Developmental Assistant," but I think a more apt description is the head event planner's personal minion.  Right now my role is to do whatever the heck she says.

And secondly notable is the fact that we have T-minus 19 days till another Nemrow wedding and I'm still looking for a navy/or cranberry/or mustard yellow dress to wear to the reception...it's time to get serious.

While I get back to my online shopping, here are some fun finds:

my top dress picks so far: 1//2//3

a happy video

some great shirts

these are on my to-make list

great posters

a moving map

a seriously charming home

I sort of need this dress

food for thought

and a favorite British sweet I can't wait to eat again



all hallows' eve

We spent our Halloween quietly and with a whole lot of sugar.  The perfect combination, don't you think?  Dave won a 'guess-how-many-candies-are-in-this-bowl' game at work and lovingly brought home 282 pieces of Twix, Kit-Kats, and M&M's to add to our growing collection of cookies, pumpkin bars, and everything else sweet.  Unfortunately he didn't get home in time to give that candy to the only group of trick-or-treaters that came by our third floor apartment.  The irony.  Nobody came by our place last year!  I wasn't prepared!

We spent the rest of the night eating more of my homemade apple cake and some delicious pumpkin cinnamon rolls with friends of ours, watching Boris Karloff play one creepy mummy, and having a whole two more trick-or-treaters come by at their place.  We tried to pawn off as much candy as we could on those two, but after you give them three or four handfuls out of the bowl, their parents start to look a little suspicious...

Anywho, it was a successful Halloween night.  I sent David back to the office with his candy winnings this morning.  Hopefully they'll at least make a dent in it...and now on to the next holiday!  I'm taking down my bats and pulling out more gourds.  Let the season of feasting and thanks begin!