web wednesdy #76

Well, some things have happened between my last post and now, most notable of which is that...I got myself a new little part time job!  In addition to my current gig of helping drive some of the neighborhood kids around, I'm also going to be helping out with the special events for the Santa Clarita Valley Boys & Girls Club, which is pretty exciting.  Their big Festival of Trees fundraiser starts next week and I'm going to be helping with sponsors, paper goods, decor, programs, auctions, mailing, etc etc.  My official title is something like "Developmental Assistant," but I think a more apt description is the head event planner's personal minion.  Right now my role is to do whatever the heck she says.

And secondly notable is the fact that we have T-minus 19 days till another Nemrow wedding and I'm still looking for a navy/or cranberry/or mustard yellow dress to wear to the reception...it's time to get serious.

While I get back to my online shopping, here are some fun finds:

my top dress picks so far: 1//2//3

a happy video

some great shirts

these are on my to-make list

great posters

a moving map

a seriously charming home

I sort of need this dress

food for thought

and a favorite British sweet I can't wait to eat again


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Christy said...

I vote for dress number one out of the three you posted. Thanks for the reminder that I need to get going on that too. Can't wait to see you and party with you guys!