all hallows' eve

We spent our Halloween quietly and with a whole lot of sugar.  The perfect combination, don't you think?  Dave won a 'guess-how-many-candies-are-in-this-bowl' game at work and lovingly brought home 282 pieces of Twix, Kit-Kats, and M&M's to add to our growing collection of cookies, pumpkin bars, and everything else sweet.  Unfortunately he didn't get home in time to give that candy to the only group of trick-or-treaters that came by our third floor apartment.  The irony.  Nobody came by our place last year!  I wasn't prepared!

We spent the rest of the night eating more of my homemade apple cake and some delicious pumpkin cinnamon rolls with friends of ours, watching Boris Karloff play one creepy mummy, and having a whole two more trick-or-treaters come by at their place.  We tried to pawn off as much candy as we could on those two, but after you give them three or four handfuls out of the bowl, their parents start to look a little suspicious...

Anywho, it was a successful Halloween night.  I sent David back to the office with his candy winnings this morning.  Hopefully they'll at least make a dent in it...and now on to the next holiday!  I'm taking down my bats and pulling out more gourds.  Let the season of feasting and thanks begin!

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