the ball game

Alright, let's get this out of the way: I'm not a big baseball fan. 
Now you know. 
But we had a pretty good time last night at Dodger Stadium, despite the fact that the NY Mets squished us 9 to 0.  The truth is I'm really there for the food, the company, and the atmosphere - winning is just an added bonus.
 Did I mention we sat in the ALL YOU CAN EAT section?  Alright, alright, we all know I could only eat one Dodger Dog/ only wanted to eat one Dodger Dog, but it was all about having the option to go back for more. 
We were a bit far away for me to be paying much attention to what was happening on the field, but the best part of the night was definitely getting to watch the fireworks.  They let everyone down on the FIELD and lay out to watch them.  Stinkin.  Fun.
And that grass?  Like butta'.  It was out-of-this-world lovely, trimmed, and neat.  I told David our lawn should look like that one day.
Woohoo for Mormon Night with the Dodgers!  We'll be back next year for our annual fill of America's favorite pastime.


thought process

It's 4pm and I'm sitting on the couch.
I've just finished priming a coat rack so I can paint it to match our apartment.
I'm hungry, but I ate lunch, and all I can think about is THIS.

I should just drink a cup of water.
I should do that.
I should.

The options I consider:
Well, I could just sit here, grab my book and read for a bit or. . .I could do the rest of the ironing while watching an episode of White Collar, and, as reward, I get to eat a cookie.
And drink a glass of water too.

Thought process:
Water.  Book.  Relax.
Ironing.  Cookie.  White Collar.

You know which one I chose.

The cookie always wins.
(Am I the only one who rationalizes like this?)


highlights no. 40

 Woohoo for Wednesdays!  It's sunny and warm out around here and my day will consist mostly of unpacking boxes with a cute family from our ward.  Can you believe it?  We haven't scared anyone away yet - we're actually making friends.  Go figure.
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for the kitchen

Aren't THESE prints lovely?  I'd love one or two (or three) of them to hang in a row in my kitchen. . .

Meanwhile, the plan for today is to finish laundry, clean the house, perhaps hang a few pictures (if I'm feelin' daring), and try, try, TRY to figure out some bedside tables for our room - so far Craigslist has let me down on this front.  Wish me luck.


a Sunday stroll

We haven't really been planning it, but every Sunday afternoon David and I have started going exploring.  This week we strolled around a cute little community down by towne center built around a lovely man-made lake.  It might have been 80+ degrees outside, but it sure was charming.

 Hello, it was darling.  Lots of white picket fences and more turtles than I've seen in a long time.  Just another Sunday afternoon stroll in the valley.


lunch date

Woohoo for Saturdays!  It's so nice to have David around all day long.  We made our first trip down to the LA Temple and had a lovely time.  It used to be nice having the Provo Temple so close (hello 5 minutes away), but making an afternoon trip of the whole deal was a nice change.

And where else would we go afterward than grab a burger at In-N-Out?  We felt awfully overdressed, however.  Perhaps next time we'll try someplace new - any suggestions friends?  We've heard Junior's Deli is delicious. . .



Tuesday was the longest day of the year with the most hours of sunshine, and I was lucky enough to spend most of them (and the nighttime hours too) with these girls:
Seeing as how I don't have many daytime commitments as of late and a lovely sister-in-law was in town, it seemed like the best idea to hop in the car (avoiding as much LA traffic as humanly possible/ getting lost in Pasadena accidentally) and drive to Orange Country for the day.

It was delightful - but what day isn't delightful when you spend it lunching at Fashion Island and walking Balboa Island with your best girls?  Few I'm sure.

First there was  trip to the R&D Cafe, which included 3+ Shirley Temples, and, of course, topped off with a pot de creme to share (I'd post a picture, but it wouldn't do it justice - it was gone in less than a minute if that's any indication of deliciousness).

Next off to Newport for a walk along the shops and around the Little Island.  Hello sunshine and salty seaside air.  Hello happiness.

And of course what would a trip to Balboa Island be without getting a Bal Bar?  I hate to say it, but we were disloyal to Dad's and tried the NEW gourmet Bal Bar shop on the island . . .  and it was A-mazing.  I'm not sure I'll be able to go back.

Yep.  We have some pretty good times.


P.S. I ended up spending the night at the parent's house (girl talk went long you see), marking the first time in our 10 months of marriage that David and I haven't spent a night together . . . and we both decided it was rather nice to stretch out in a bed of our own for a change.  We're sentimental like that.


highlights no. 39

Happy middle-of-the-week!  As of today I've got a few applications sent in and am waiting to hear back . . . cross your fingers for me!  I'm headed down to Orange County today to hang out with mom, Brooke, and KRISTIN who is serendipitously in California for the week.  Can't.  Wait.
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10 months

Guys!  We've made it to 10 MONTHS!  Can you believe it?  Okay, you just shrugged, but David and I looked at each other Sunday night and were so excited.  We made it into the double digits!  Celebrations included Sunday naps, a drive around our community (while salivating over some lovely, lovely homes), and a yummy dinner.

Easy, chill, & perfect.


Recipes for dinner HERE & HERE


family brunch

In an early effort to celebrate father's day we decided to meet the family halfway and have brunch on Saturday in Pasadena at THIS yummy restaurant (mom and I both got the Caprese Sandwich - delish).  We're all about any excuse to get together around here.

We strolled around Old Town Pasadena after lunch and - who knew?  It was the 20th Anniversary of the Pasadena Chalk Festival, and there were some crazy good artists out and about.

Aren't those amazing??

We also stopped into an Antique Mall . . . I think I need more of these sorts of places in my life. 
I'm not sure David agrees.

Happy Monday!