highlights no. 39

Happy middle-of-the-week!  As of today I've got a few applications sent in and am waiting to hear back . . . cross your fingers for me!  I'm headed down to Orange County today to hang out with mom, Brooke, and KRISTIN who is serendipitously in California for the week.  Can't.  Wait.
While I sit on the freeway (no traffic no traffic no traffic please), here are some posts from around the web:

the most BEA-utiful green wedding by (who else?) Amorology

90's children - did you think this too?

it really is PINK! !

ahh Mr. Clooney - this post made me smile

a bow tie bridal shower (hello cute party theme)

we could all use a few more happy notes

how to coupon (for beginners like me)

love me some neutrals 

an interesting idea instead of a normal wedding registry
     ^ also isn't their apartment darling? 

the psychology of colors (am I the only one that say "P - sychology" in their head every time they spell that word?)

and a beautiful cookie - definitely too pretty to eat


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Anonymous said...

I did think it was a skirt! It was a shirt no way