The Highlights:

Getting asked multiple times if David & I lived together.
Being assured and reassured by the salesman at Bed Bath & Beyond that, yes, of course one of my guests would buy me that $600 set of pots and pans.
The comment that, wow, a 6 month engagement was really quick.
And deciding that we definitely need a pizza stone.

11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Thank goodness that's over with.


do you realize,

that the next time I'm back in Utah I will have two rings on my left hand...?

this is craziness.


moving out

How is it that one person can accumulate so much stuff?
I seem to, on average, have more stuff than most people.

Why is that?

Where does it all come from?
Am I just some sort of pack rat?

But it's not like I don't use it.
I do.
I just seem to have a lot of things that I use.
On a regular basis.

Perhaps this is a hint that I'm high maintenance, 
but mostly I think it means that moving is always going to be a thorn in my side.


I've packed up at least 6 boxes now and there is still so much stuff left in the room...

Maybe I should just make a run to D.I. and be rid of it all.

I'll just get another box.


beautiful places

This morning I woke up wishing I wasn't in Provo, but in some other lovely place.

Somewhere with gorgeous architecture,
delicious food
and museums full of art.

Perhaps my fit of reminiscing was brought on because I'm reading Julia Child's book My Life in France.
(which makes me want to fly to Paris this instant and eat something sauteed in butter).

Or perhaps I'm reminiscing because this time last year I was traveling abroad visiting such beautiful places.

Whatever the reason I thought I might share some of my favorite aesthetic memories with you:

I think it's quite nice to take a stroll down memory lane every so often, don't you?



This is one thing I've come to perfect over the years, but just to be sure I've been practicing today to keep my skills sharp:
I'm procrastinating studying for finals.
I've only got two of them and one's open book, no big deal right?
I'm procrastinating picking up my clothes from the tailor and going to the bank.
They're both open tomorrow...
And I'm procrastinating packing up my room.
I don't have to be moved out for a week still, I've got plenty of time.

And instead of doing all these things I've been making flashcards and watching this little film:

And it's been a lovely afternoon.


as of late:

I seem to follow a pattern with this blog...
I write so much
and then I write not so much.

I have a small hunch that these trends directly correlate with the amount of homework I'm trying to procrastinate at the time.
Seeing as how it is spring term and my homework load is close to nil I have spent very little time in the library trying my best not to write a paper and thus resorting to posting here.

So I'll try to do better, I promise.

In other news, I love this place:

Thank goodness David humors me.

And thank goodness for Groupon so Megan and Brendan could come too!

Another successful trip!