one last tantrum

Today is April 30th.
Today I woke up to 3 inches of snow on the ground.
Me too.

I was just about to bemoan the fact that Utah may never figure out that it's spring when my roommate reminded me:
this is my last chance to wear my winter clothes.

So bundle up for one last hoorah:

I was toasty and warm,
but it was 50 degrees by 1:30 in the afternoon.

Dear Utah,
I may never understand your weather patterns,
but you've definitely got a sense of humor.


bad timing

turns out I took my trip across the pond exactly 1 year too early.

darn it. 

and p.s. can we all just agree that Kate's dress is gorgeous?? 

and p.s.s. in case you were wondering, no,  I didn't watch the nuptials.
we actually don't get cable at my apartment...or any channels for that matter.
double darn it.
but don't worry, momma TiVoed it for me back at home :)


tech savvy

So I recently discovered this website,
and in answer to your question,
I have already made 3 of these this morning:

pimp your myspace

Kind of cool though right?


sneak peek

so I know a bunch of things fell through the cracks during finals,
(like this blog)
but I have a treat for you!

we got our engagements back!!

and I just completely and utterly adore them.
check them out here

I hope this makes up for my week of neglect.


a break from finals

to make Easter cake pops with Megan:

Aren't they just too cute??

We also made freezer jam - how homemaker-esque of us, right?

Bring it on married life.


the truth

So I found this on my friend's blog and just had to share:

Venn diagrams don't lie.

And now I'm off to the testing center to take my marketing final - wish me luck!

call me sentimental,

but a month ago today this boy got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

and I said

hurray for one month of being engaged!


bad idea

so yesterday while the boy and I were studying for finals we somehow got distracted
(shocking, I know),
and we decided to make a countdown to our wedding.

this, my friends, was not the best idea:

out wedding is 122 days away.

a little disheartening.

maybe I should change this to a countdown to my birthday?
then it'll only be 6 days away.
(hint, hint)


cruel & unusual


the facts:
I've been going to this class at 
8:00 in the AM
every Monday/Wednesday this winter.

I came to terms with this fact when I signed up for the class last fall.
 I knew it would mean little make-up,
my hair in a bun more likely than not
and morning walks to the tanner building when it's 10 degrees outside.
I signed up for all of this.

I, however, did not sign up for the
final schedule for this class:

Saturday at
7:00 in the AM

i'd like to know who okayed this 
and why do they take such great pleasure in making me wake up when it's still dark outside??

I guess it doesn't matter now because it's now done and turned in, but I would just like to state that an 11 page written final that early in the morning was not the brightest idea...


for one second,

lets pretend I probably shouldn't be eating too many sugary sweet things in preparation for fitting into that big white dress in the (somewhat) near future.

But I am really craving one of these babies right now:

peach italian soda
+ a little cream


But instead I just had canned pears and cottage cheese,
not exactly what I was looking for, but I guess it'll have to do.


the best laid plans of mice & carly

So, by complete and utter happenstance, David and I have had classes at the same time every day this past winter semester:

Monday: 8 AM
Tuesday: 9:30 AM
Wednesday: 8 AM
Thursday: 9:30 AM
Friday: no class

I promise we figured this out after we had both set up our schedules for the semester and it was purely coincidental that our class times coincided.  

Alright, spring semester.
We both set up our schedule (tentative in my case) and AGAIN we both start class at the same blessed 8 AM hour every Tuesday/ Thursday.

So far this has been the drill:
he drives to my place in the morning and parks by my apartment
(he lives too far away to walk and would drive anyway, and I live 2 blocks from campus)
and then we walk together to the Tanner 
(where we both have all our classes, 
him for being a legit Accounting student 
and me for being the red headed stepchild of the Marriot School as a Rec. Management student).

Well this whole walking to class together has been a fine and dandy routine, and I've really grown rather fond of it.

So now I'm setting up my fall classes for next year.
(Ya know, when we'll be married!)
And this time I'm actually trying to set up my schedule to match his.
And I'm failing miserably.

The irony of it all.


dear all,

I thought you'd all be very proud and happy to know that we have
set a date for our wedding!

It only took a month after he popped the question to iron out all the kinks,
but, due to incredible perseverance and a group effort,
we finally did it!

Who knew choosing a date for this shindig would be so much work? 

So without further ado,
feel free to circle,
put a gold star by
& highlight

august 17th, 2011

it's gunna be a great day

p.s. today was also that last day of classes for winter semester - time to celebrate!


the whole world

is it just me or is everyone getting engaged**???
I think at least 10 Facebook updates have popped up on my news feed within the last 3 days and I've read countless numbers of engagement story blog posts/
stalked facebook albums of engagement pictures recently.

the whole world is falling in love,
and here I was thinking it was just me

but here's the kicker:
all these darling couples who are planning to tie the knot only days
(okay, almost a month)
after i got a ring on my finger...are planning to get married in

how come we decided to do this whole wedding thing at the end of the summer?
August feels oh so far away at the moment.

oh yeah, we've got internships and stuff.

** or going on a mission - I'm up to at least 15 girlfriends who just got their calls to everywhere from Japan to Indiana

another gem

"a happy future wife, 
makes a happy future life."
-the fiance

he's a fast learner ;)


a cure

Well I did it.
I found a cure for the hiccups.
Forget teaspoons of sugar & drinking water upside-down, 
this is the real deal: 

1st - Get yourself a fiance and a diamond ring.
2nd - He needs to be the one whose has the hiccups.
3rd - Put your ring in your pocket and tell him his 5-year-old niece took it and you're not sure where it is...

I promise his hiccups will go away,
right after he has a heart attack.


it's Friday, Friday

Provo is currently lacking in a couple things:
warm weather
& good places to shop.

So to figure out an engagement outfit I knew I'd have to make the trek up to Salt Lake.

Due to my spur of the moment proposal, most of my shopping buddies had other Friday night plans 
(work, dates, school...)
So David was kind enough to tag along with me even though shopping malls have been known to make him somewhat nauseous.

We hopped on the 15 North around 3:30.

Unfortunately somewhere near the point of the mountain it started blizzarding.
Visibility was something like 50%.
We were stuck in traffic.
My knuckles were white on the steering wheel for a good 45 minutes.
And then we both remembered that the Gateway mall is all outside.
(who okayed that?? it SNOWS in Utah.)

Fortunately we didn't hit anything.
We somehow made it into the city around 4:50.
We found underground parking.
The snow let up.
And then we both laughed at the ridiculousness of our situation.

There was only one issue:
While David is a wonderful (patient) shopping buddy and good listener,
he thinks I look good in everything.

This, actually, isn't really an issue, it's wonderful.
I'm pretty sure I could wear a paper bag and he'd say I was gorgeous.

However, sometimes a girl needs a little constructive criticism.
Hence the pictures messages sent to my mom, 
and sisters-in-laws:

Just for a little reassurance, ya know?

After much deliberation (and lots of text messages) I made my purchases, 
but in retrospect I probably should have bought this too:

Engagement pictures will come and go,
but the weddings not till August.

(And don't worry, I treated him to dinner for being such a good sport)


the quote of the weekend:

(besides everything that was said at general conference)

"You know what's worse than being single?
Being engaged."
-David, the fiance

But he's right!
How come nobody told us about this?

Here's the vicious cycle 
(as far as I understand it):

You meet.
You date.

And then you eventually come to that point were you are sick of dating and just want to be engaged.

This normally takes a while.

So you finally get engaged.

And then you get to that point where you just want to be married already.

This normally takes about 2 weeks.

It's long enough to be excited and tell everyone when "the big day" is and then you're done.

I hit that mark last Friday.

And I've still got 5 months to go.

Oh dear.

But I'm determined to enjoy (almost) every minute of it,
because, after all, how many times is a girl engaged?
(I'm banking on just the once)

So I will smile and soak up all the details from making reservations to trying on dresses to looking at cakes.
It will all be the best.

Because it has to.
Because this is going to be a loooong 5 months.


april fools

I guess we're all fools in April.
I'm always so sure that this time the spring weather will stick...
and it never does.
I walked around Provo in flip flops and SHORTS on Saturday.
It was in the 70's.
The sun was shining and it was BEA-Utiful.

And then I woke up on Sunday morning to find this outside my window:

WHAT is this??? 
3 inches of snow covering the ground??

How does the weather even change that fast??
I have no idea.

Welcome to Utah.



Can we talk about how legit this picture makes me feel?

Don't be fooled, I'm not this cool, 
but I do know how to use a tripod now,
that part is legit.
(even if I might have the camera on the tripod backwards in this picture...I did figure it out eventually)

Most of the time in Moab 
(on that school field trip, remember?)
was spent looking like this:

no make-up.
(enlarging that photo is not recommended...)

And while we did take a bunch of lovely pictures of the natural splendor that is Moab,
we also took a fair amount of pictures like this:

I'm the "Y" in case you were wondering.

So why the recall back to Moab?
Yesterday was out final presentation in photo class.
Sad day.

These are the four pics I chose to display for my final:

It is a class to be missed, but now I only have 4 (very big) finals to take instead of 5.
This is a plus.

P.S. this lovely girl is going to be taking our engagements in a few weeks!
So ridiculously excited!