the quote of the weekend:

(besides everything that was said at general conference)

"You know what's worse than being single?
Being engaged."
-David, the fiance

But he's right!
How come nobody told us about this?

Here's the vicious cycle 
(as far as I understand it):

You meet.
You date.

And then you eventually come to that point were you are sick of dating and just want to be engaged.

This normally takes a while.

So you finally get engaged.

And then you get to that point where you just want to be married already.

This normally takes about 2 weeks.

It's long enough to be excited and tell everyone when "the big day" is and then you're done.

I hit that mark last Friday.

And I've still got 5 months to go.

Oh dear.

But I'm determined to enjoy (almost) every minute of it,
because, after all, how many times is a girl engaged?
(I'm banking on just the once)

So I will smile and soak up all the details from making reservations to trying on dresses to looking at cakes.
It will all be the best.

Because it has to.
Because this is going to be a loooong 5 months.


Katrina said...

oh my dear. Did I tell you? ha ha You can do it! :) I'll keep you both in my prayers-pray for Tanner and I too!

Nikki & James said...

BEING ENGAGED IS THE WORST!! hahah It's fun for about a week or 2 then it sucks. Good luck my friend! You'll need it :)