We got the disc of our wedding pictures back this afternoon.

I can tell you right now that I'm not going to be able to control myself.

Prepare yourself for a picture OVERLOAD.

P.S. Halloween party recaps soon to come as well!


the end of the beginning

So, I did something on Tuesday that made me feel incredibly
...like I've been living in Provo for a really long time?

What did I do, you ask?

I signed up for my last semester of college classes.

Wait.  What??!!??!?

I know.

This is ridiculous.

Who okayed this?

Wasn't it just yesterday that I had to get myself a cap and gown to graduate from high school?

Well, I apply for graduation in November.
As in NEXT month.

Life is going by in blinks and fast forwards.
I need to take more pictures so I don't forget all the good stuff.

p.s. I am most definitely signed up for floral design this winter semester - can you say stoked?  'Cause I am.



chocolate peanut butter cookies - the best combination

lovin' these cake pops

as long as we're on a Harry Potter kick - check out this wedding inspiration shoot

holy guacamole...fries!

i'm a sucker for bunnies

a day made of glass

sequins, sequins, sequins, sequins

silverware artwork

a great way for kids to share a room

baby animal photographs - i love the monkey!

postage stamp coasters

lovely botanical calendar

stinkin' cute bottle centerpieces


sunday morning

this is what happens when we don't need to be anywhere till 2:00 pm. 

p.s. check out those blue eyes.  
       can our kids get his genes on that one please?


byu vs. idaho state

 this is when my attention started to waver...

p.s. we probably should have packed some sunscreen - who would have thought in october?


as easy as ABC

I'm just beginning to figure out this Photoshop business.

Ask David and he'll be sure to tell you that I spend a good deal of time messing around on there (when I should probably be doing homework...)

Anyway I saw this darling picture on Pinterest (where else?) yesterday and I decided to recreate it.

And I did.

And I love it:
Haven't fully decided if I'm lovin' this font/colors yet,
but I've got a spot on our wall waiting for it when I figure it out.



how to make your own frosted chevron drinking glasses

a darling dresser make-over

one ingredient ice cream (I need to make it to believe it)

I love the idea of two curtains on my shower

this AZ photographer has some serious talent - lovin' this fashion editorial he did

ombre locks - yeah or nay?  I'm kind of smitten with Jessica Biel's hair in that picture

I'm only 15 minutes away from a clean house (ahem, I mean apartment) - I should probably try this

modern fairy tale posters

beautiful Paris calendars 

cheers to these darling coasters

mixed metal manicure - I just decided I need more gold nail polish 

and last, but certainly not least, this is a wedding I helped work on over the summer while interning with Amorology - it is ridiculously too much fun to look through all these pictures and remember our design meetings!

p.s. it's a vampire wedding...please withhold judgement until you've seen it (you'll be blown away)

p.s.s. as long as we're on the subject of weddings you should probably check out this one too:
it'll sweep you off your feet!



sweet potatoe deliciousness

Remember this little gem I posted a while back?

Well we finally got around to making it.

By the way, I have a new best friend:

How have I gotten through four years of college and not understood the wonders of a crock pot?

I'm not sure there is any other way to fix a Sunday meal.

Toss everything in there in the morning.
Set the timer.
Serve whenever you please.
Done & done.

Plus easy clean up.

I'm in love.

Too bad you can't make the cornbread in there too - then I'd really be sold on it.

It was mm mmm good my friends and I give it 4 out of 5 stars.
Next time I'm definitely adding more brown sugar.

P.S. We also crushed and diced our own tomatoes for this recipe (seeing as we had about 15 in the fridge we needed to use up) - I felt so domestic.

P.S.S. We have way too many left overs to eat ourselves - help?


60 days

Well, we did it.
As of yesterday we have been married a whopping 2 months.
You have my permission to be impressed.

I'm trying to figure out this balancing act of school and the almost uncontrollable urge to decorate our apartment with every DIY I find on Pinterest while making home cooked dinners every night. 

I've come to terms with the fact that it's pretty much impossible.

The home cooked dinners every night, in reality, happen about twice a week.

I have a whole list of DIY's I want to make and a few I've bought all the supplies for...now I just need a few spare hours.

And school is, more or less, trudging along.  
Did I mention I have a group project in all 5 of my classes?  It's insanity trying to be this organized.

But, despite all the craziness, we still couldn't be happier.

Cheers to month 2!



The leaves are starting to change colors around here, 
but most of them are in that lovely yellow, in between phase right now.

I'm lovin' it.
Bring it on fall.


10 things I...

1. lazy Saturday mornings 

2. planning to make delicious food 

3. feeling slightly on top of things

4. eating delicious food

5. snuggling

6. organizing the mess we somehow make in this tiny apartment

7. knowing there is one more day of the weekend left

8. putting away my boots because it (sort of) warmed up around here

9. listening to the football game on the radio

10. did I mention lazy Saturday afternoons?




the sock bun - does it really work?  
I need to try it.

I think this girl's blog is darling in a I-could-be-that-cute-too kind of way

we have sweet potatoes!  I want to make this chili

super cool Halloween costume idea
p.s. how darling are these baby costumes?  I LOVE the lobster.

these are probably the most beautiful cupcakes you will ever see

Amy Poehler's alter egos

25 pictures taken at exactly the right time

water bottle light fixtures in the Philippines

minted Christmas cards - I love this one and this one and this one



bikini killers

so Dave and I went to a birthday party this last friday night, and I didn't want to show up empty handed so...

I gave in and made these delicious looking cookies

they didn't turn out quite as pretty as the ones on Bakers Royale...
(our oven is still a bit of mystery to me)
but they taste pretty darn good, regardless.

I think we're going to try milky ways or twix in there next time.

I like peanuts and everything, but not so much in my cookies.

p.s. the slice of bread in the cookie jar is to help keep the baked goods soft.
        just in case anyone was wondering.



When I saw this save the date I said to myself,

"That is adorable.  I wish I had one for us."


a couple minutes of tinkering later...

Crisis averted.


pret for brunch

the good stuff:

vanilla yogurt
pomegranate seeds
apple shavings

A favorite impersonation from a favorite kitchen.

Now serving this side of the pond in NY, DC & Chicago.

Please excuse my while I close my eyes and pretend I'm in Hyde Park.



ponytails & pigtails

Upon going through some old pictures I came across these little treasures:

Did you guys know my hair used to be this short?

I decided to cut my hair the summer before my sophomore year in college.

It was great idea.


I love the feeling of a new haircut.
The new ways to style it, curl it and play with it.

The problem is, when you go as short as I did...there aren't a lot of options.

This is definitely a Pro & a Con (depending on the morning)

I loved my short hair,
but sometimes a girl misses pulling her hair back into ponytails (notsomuchpigtails...)

So since that summer of short, short short hair, I've been growing her out.

And you can finally see my progress some 2+ years later:

Check out that ponytail.
It's all downhill from here, my friends.


holy smokes!

It's 3:00 in the afternoon and it's 36 degrees out there!

We're not even a week into October yet!

Who okayed this?

On the plus side, the weather was a perfect excuse for me to come home from school, make some lemon/honey tea, slip on some socks and take a 20 minute cat nap.

So I'm only going to gripe  a little bit.

I mentioned the other, other day that David and I are in a bowling league.

Well, we played our second match last night and...

we won!!

And it's probably only because of Dave.  Check out that kid's score:

He bowled a 205!

We were all ridiculously impressed.  Our team.  The other team.  And guys from teams three lanes down.

They came from all around to admire his turkey among strikes and spares.

He's with me.

And so are these great girls.



window shopping


I know I wouldn't be half as good at procrastinating without the internet:

cath kidston wallpaper.  need I say more?

this is most definitely on my to-make list
     (Jo Anns was out of N's though, darn it)

how to peel garlic in under 10 seconds - handy

happy halloween month!  time to decorate some baked goods in orange and black

NY Times candel.  say what?

let's make some great art  

air mail sticky tape.  so many ways to use this come to mind

bikini killer cookies 

I love everything about this paper goods shop  

I'm head over heals for every one of these wreaths - and have 0 time to make any of them

where to find the best free samples
     how did Costco rank 6th?

Mrs. Pomeranz' Etsy shop.  check it out

and try on some virtual specs
     come on.  it's kinda fun



Dear everyone who reads this blog and is a college student in Utah,

Could I ask you a tiny favor?

I'm taking this marketing class and I needed to gather some primary data - meaning it would be the best thing in the world if you could take this survey for me:

It's painless, I promise.
And it will take you all of 1 minute to complete.

Thank you thank you thank you



There is one thing I could eat all day, every day for a whole lot of days.

my mama's 
orange rolls

I made them the other afternoon and I tell you there is nothing better than licking up the remains of that orange frosting off the tinfoil.  

These rolls whisk me back to all things wonderful and delicious,

plus they make the whole of our itty-bitty apartment smell like freshly baked bread.


I really ought to make these more often.



so, now that we're married, have 2 cars, 1 parking spot and are mostly walk around town...
(while the weather stays nice)

...we've decided to sell David's car.

I guess I'm a little bit nostalgic about that little Ford Probe.
(p.s. who decided that "Probe" was a good name for a car?)

I mean, this was the stylish ride that Dave drove up in for our first date.

This cars got a whole relationship's worth of memories written all over her seats.
She got us to and from so many good times...

And now we are trying to sell her.


I have a tendency towards being a pack-rat of sorts...but you've gotta draw the line somewhere.

So long Phillis.
It's been fun.


Phillis is sold and gone. 
Is it weird I'm a little bit sad?


the pig skin

Some girls might call me lucky.
Some girls might pity me.

But I have watched every BYU football game for the past 2 seasons...

Away or home,
I haven't missed a'one.
I'm pretty sure...
I happened to have married a man and into a family that loves BYU football.

Bleeds blue.
Go Cougars.

All that jazz.

And I've become pretty savvy with the all this football lingo.

I can tell you what a safety is.
When somebody is off-sides.
How many points you get for a field goal.

And which one is Bronco Mendehall again...?

Sometimes I haven't got a clue what's going on down there, but I never turn down the chance to eat a hotdog and don some school pride.

Plus it's a great excuse to take pictures...lots and lots of pictures.

Go Cougs!

P.S. Somehow Dave doesn't own a single BYU shirt...how on earth did this happen?