the pig skin

Some girls might call me lucky.
Some girls might pity me.

But I have watched every BYU football game for the past 2 seasons...

Away or home,
I haven't missed a'one.
I'm pretty sure...
I happened to have married a man and into a family that loves BYU football.

Bleeds blue.
Go Cougars.

All that jazz.

And I've become pretty savvy with the all this football lingo.

I can tell you what a safety is.
When somebody is off-sides.
How many points you get for a field goal.

And which one is Bronco Mendehall again...?

Sometimes I haven't got a clue what's going on down there, but I never turn down the chance to eat a hotdog and don some school pride.

Plus it's a great excuse to take pictures...lots and lots of pictures.

Go Cougs!

P.S. Somehow Dave doesn't own a single BYU shirt...how on earth did this happen? 

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