As a reward for traveling all the way up to Salt Lake with me to look at some perspective dishware choices I treated David to a waffle at this delicious place:

Where we ordered this lovely creation:

And we ate it almost as fast as you looked at those pictures.

It just so happens that David and I went to Bruges on our first-ish date last August and this is the first time we've been back since - our goal is to not let this much time go by between visits ever again.

We also plan to try something else besides dessert next time too:


playing catch-up

Count it guys-this is going to be two posts in one day.
Just trying to blog about everything so that I can get to the more current stuff!

Anyways, have I ever told you I have the most wonderful friends?
Because I do.
And they threw me the most wonderful bridal shower last Friday.

I love them dearly.
Thank goodness for random roommates freshman year!

We ate delicious food 
(and yes those cupcakes are caramel/chocolate filled - thanks Megan!)
and, of course, played a few bridal shower games and just had a lovely time.

And though there was not too much lingerie (despite the mass amount of pink bags that came through the door), yes, I am now the proud owner of large blue mumu.

Thanks girls!!



Alright, I know I haven't updated in a while, but hey, give me a break okay?
Spring semester is pretty hectic (even if both my classes are cake),
and I've been doing a lot of wedding planning/ going to dress fittings every other day this week (stay tuned!)
So this post is dedicated to the little bit of traveling we got to squeeze into the schedule to:

Our excuse to fly to the Midwest was to run this race:
The Indy 500 Festival Mini Marathon

but in reality we really went to hang out with these wonderful people:

And even though race day started entirely too early
(start time at 7:00 in the a.m.?  who okayed that??)
we were happy to be there
(especially David, if you can't tell from the picture)

According to my calculations, as a combined total, the 9 of us 
(sheesh, when did this family get so BIG?)
ran 57.3 miles!
That's 13.1 miles for each of the boys
and 3 miles each for the girls + David
(feel free to check my arithmetic)

That was one productive Saturday morning if you ask me.

And then, as an added bonus, we got to roam around charming Indianapolis for the rest of the weekend-what a treat!

We all decided Indy is a great little-big city with lots of good food (we tend to eat a lot when the family gets together)

So thanks so much Christopher and Kristin for showing us around your town!
Love you guys!



Meet Carly & Dave:
(don't worry, it's just us)

Now meet Karly & Dave:
(notice anything similar...?)

Now can we all just laugh at the complete and utter silliness of this situation?

 We even had the exact same photographer take our engagement pictures.

What are the odds??

p.s. I don't actually know this other couple, but I think they're completely adorable, have great names, and obviously have great taste in clothes ;)


unexpected exercise

This weekend the whole Tobler clan is off to Indianapolis to run in the
500 Festival Mini Marathon.
(Don't fool yourself, we're running 5Ks and 10Ks...no marathons for us)

But it would be hard to run the race if we missed our plane,
which almost took off at 4:55 PM yesterday evening...
without us.

The Scene:
Us leaving Provo at 3:00 PM (which turned into 3:30 due to high school traffic)
and then getting on the freeway into bumper to bumper traffic.
It cleared up by 4:00 which is when I started going 80 mph.
Somehow we got to the airport by 4:30 and checked our bags in.
Final call for our flight was announced while we were waiting at the end of the security line.
Which is when we hopped in the 1st class line and skipped the half-an-hour line of people in front of us.
David unfortunately had liquids in his bag which had to be confiscated
and then
we booked it to our gate.
Which of course was at the end of  terminal D.

Dave and I were the last two on that silly flight.
Thank goodness.

But that knot in my stomach didn't let go for at least an hour afterwards.

Oops, folks, my mistake.
Dad and the boys actually ran the half marathon,
a whopping 13.1 miles.
I think that deserves a round of applause.