Meet Carly & Dave:
(don't worry, it's just us)

Now meet Karly & Dave:
(notice anything similar...?)

Now can we all just laugh at the complete and utter silliness of this situation?

 We even had the exact same photographer take our engagement pictures.

What are the odds??

p.s. I don't actually know this other couple, but I think they're completely adorable, have great names, and obviously have great taste in clothes ;)


Christa Jeanne said...

Wow, it's like "Who Wore it Best?" My vote's on Carly with a "c." Maybe I'm biased... but the brown belt pops way more than the gold one does. Could it be that she saw your photo shoot on Elise's blog and copied the outfit? And found herself a fiance with the same name? Too many coincidences...

Megs said...

NO WAY!! that is way too funny! and slightly creepy of them to copy you so closely. haha.

Nikki & James said...

hahaha i TOTALLY noticed that and to top it all off your engagement photo albums on facebook were RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER!! So I thought Elise gave you that dress, no you and Karly both chose that dress?

Rachel said...

i can't get over how creepy this is.

cindy said...

Let me add a little more to this story:
The Karly with a "K" has been to your home, in fact, I have a photo of her in front of your family room fireplace. "What" you say??? She was there for a bridal shower for your childhood friend Annie LeSueur. (Your mom was hosting the shower.) That "K"arly is Jason Kimball's sister. (Annie's sister in law). Ha Ha! You have to meet her...she's as adorable as you.
PS Want me to send you the photo?