unexpected exercise

This weekend the whole Tobler clan is off to Indianapolis to run in the
500 Festival Mini Marathon.
(Don't fool yourself, we're running 5Ks and 10Ks...no marathons for us)

But it would be hard to run the race if we missed our plane,
which almost took off at 4:55 PM yesterday evening...
without us.

The Scene:
Us leaving Provo at 3:00 PM (which turned into 3:30 due to high school traffic)
and then getting on the freeway into bumper to bumper traffic.
It cleared up by 4:00 which is when I started going 80 mph.
Somehow we got to the airport by 4:30 and checked our bags in.
Final call for our flight was announced while we were waiting at the end of the security line.
Which is when we hopped in the 1st class line and skipped the half-an-hour line of people in front of us.
David unfortunately had liquids in his bag which had to be confiscated
and then
we booked it to our gate.
Which of course was at the end of  terminal D.

Dave and I were the last two on that silly flight.
Thank goodness.

But that knot in my stomach didn't let go for at least an hour afterwards.

Oops, folks, my mistake.
Dad and the boys actually ran the half marathon,
a whopping 13.1 miles.
I think that deserves a round of applause.

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