spring cleaning

ok fall cleaning might be more like it.

I still don't like to admit it's September...and it's almost October.


Either way it was time for a little change around here so...

thoughts about the new header?


vs. the old:

I'm still rather fond of the flowers.  Very fond actually, but I might like my new creation a bit better.

What do you think?

P.S. this is one of my favorites of Dave and me from the wedding:

I'm now in search for the perfect frame.

Have a great Friday!

Go Cougars!



Thursdays are the best.

Know why?
Because I only have one class on Thursday mornings from 9:30-10:45 and then it's the WEEKEND.

Thursdays are the best.

Hello football game, organizing our back room, catching a few more winks, front-loading for some classes, cooking a few decent meals and of course watching 4 sessions of this great event.

(probably streaming on our computer or on someone else's couch - in my PJ's either way) 

Happy weekend all!

feelin' famous

 this is why.


around the web


A few lovely finds from my afternoon of procrastinating:

mommies in Denmark (have you ever heard of this??)

I could spend an afternoon with this blog

vintage bowling wedding - this cute couple can pull it off

these rings are kind of great

thinkin' about making my wedding album out of one of these photo books
     exhibit A

THIS is a great print

I love the idea of this star projector 

painting with plants 

have you noticed any signs of fall around?  the leaves are definitely trying to turn up on our mountain... 


the big 1-3

happy 13th birthday Google!

what would we ever do without you?

(but really...)


the dress

Upon checking my email this morning I found more than a couple comments on my wedding dress and questions about where I got it. 

Can I tell you how happy it makes me that other people like my wedding dress?
(and that other people read this blog)
Because I love it.

My dress was actually custom made by none other than the lovely and most talented Nancy Barrus at Avenia Bridal here in Provo, Ut.


Just right here in Provo behind Mimi's Cafe off University.

Who would have guessed?

Not me.

She was just down right darling to work with and helped me figure out what was completely and utterly perfect for me.

However, that does not mean I didn't spend hours upon hours looking up inspiration, going dress shopping and quite honestly having no idea what I wanted my wedding dress to look like.

After much searching I finally found this lovely creation
(go through Ben & Elise's slide show on the right)
and I knew I'd found something I was crazy about.

I took those pictures to Nancy and she whipped up a couple of sketches like it was no big deal:

I also rather hope you noticed that my dress is not in fact white,
or even off white.

It's pink!

Nancy spent lots of extra hours getting that shade just right and it turned out better than I could have ever hoped for.

Now let's hold on for a second.
I feel the need to admit something here:

Getting my dress made was probably the single most terrifying thing about planning my wedding.

There, I said it.

I went from this:

(yes I did take pictures at every fitting)

To this:

And the in-between involved a lot of trusting Nancy.

Talk about a nail-bitter.

So that is my long, picture-loaded story of the dress.

I hope those of you who had questions found it helpful.
You are welcome around these parts anytime.




In an effort to liven up our already ridiculously crammed Wednesdays,

I thought it would be a good idea to sign Dave & I up to be in a bowling league.

To clarify, most weeknights
(ok fine, every night)
we're in bed by 10:00-ish

Lights off,

Heads on pillows,


Bowling starts at 9:00 PM every Wednesday night.

This makes sense...

We might have become that married couple.

Dave is by far the most consistent bowler
(and...the only man)
on our team.

And we are probably the least serious group in the league.
(For some reason, no one else was cheering their heads off when their teammates hit down half the pins...)

But we're in it for the long haul (aka: the whole semester) and the goal is to break 100
(without the 60 point handicap we're given)

P.S. I'm definitely wearing a skirt like hers next time.
I think it might help my A-game.


happy first day of fall!


Here's to hot chocolate, 



piles of leaves,

rosy cheeks,

a chill in the air

and lots of school holidays!


perhaps I'm vain,

but this made me feel really popular:

I have  
215 new messages 
in case you were wondering...

now lets be honest,

I'm nowhere near that popular.

in truth, 
the mail function on my mac hasn't been working for the past couple of weeks,

but I just restarted my computer and...


is started working again.

why didn't I think of this earlier? 



we might have just celebrated being married for a month.

and we might have just bought ourselves some pots and pans...

this weekend.

we might have been cooking out of one skillet all this time.

and perhaps we've been borrowing every needful thing from my sister-in-law for a month.

the truth comes out at last.

it feels good to be able to boil water again.


pizza night

So to celebrate our 1st month of marriage,
(can you even believe it's been that long??)
Dave and I decided to use our lovely new pizza stone and relive our first date.

Yes, we're cheese-balls like that.
Now you know.

Pizza makings acquired from Niccolitalia
(Dave's favorite)

+ Rootbeer

+ watching a couple of the first episodes of this series:

(it's on Netflix and we might be hooked...)

Our conclusion?

This might have to become a monthly tradition.
(or perhaps more often than that...)


the best part about rainy days

Normally I'd like to have curled up with a good book while sippin' my hot cocoa, but today it was Streetsmart Financial Basics for Nonprofit Managers...

oh well. 
The 2nd best part, however, is that I've been ridiculously excited to use this mug since I got it for the wedding

(Dave has one too with a "D" on it...but I don't think he was quite as excited as I was) 




Who knew finding pillows for your couch was such an ordeal??

Not me.

I've been on the hunt for a month-ish now, and I think I found some good options

(which, I predict, I will probably bookmark, think about some more and not end up actually making a decisions about them for at least a month)

So here is the situation:

My living room has no color in it so far.
What can I say?  I'm a girl who loves her neutrals.


These are my best friends...and also the only colors found in my living room thus far.

See for yourself:

please ignore the big yellow pillow...it was stolen from off our bed to save my back

My quest is to brighten up my front room with colorful throw pillows.

Will it work?

Here's hoping.

Thought #1
 Kind of cute right?
I'm lovin' the geometric pattern on the back.

Thought #2
Of course I'm drawn to the simple b/w chevron pattern

Thought #3

 Obviously I've got a thing for these stripes.

And these are all my thoughts for now.

decisions. decisions.

Sadly school and group projects and BYU football games will probably eat up a weekend that I could have easily dedicated completely to throw pillow hunting.
(I can already tell you David is just fine with that)

Till then I suppose our bed shams will be pulling double duty.


true love


The world ought to know that I came home this evening after a long day spent on campus to find: 

"the table" (aka: our island counter top) set, 

music playing, 

dinner waiting for me on the stove 

and my husband doing our laundry.

The world ought to know that I am a very lucky girl.

happy wednesday!



We've made it halfway through the week!

And I've made 2 (count em') TWO home cooked meals for David this week in a row.
I've got to celebrate now because it probably won't be happening tonight...having class till 6 and all.

Anyways, to mark our halfway point, here are some things I've been browsing around the web instead of doing my homework, um...I mean, after I'm done...

I'm going make this bunting cake topper - somebody just needs to have a birthday...

I think my kitchen needs these tea cups hanging from it's ceiling...

How darling is her outfit?

Decorating our little apartment is definitely on my mind - I'd love a few of these throw pillows.

Pretty sure this is one of my new favorite blogs.

Love lists.
Zombie engagement photo shoot?? yup.

I am definitely going to make these brownie peanut butter cups sooon

These pictures make me want an orange tabby


a tardy tribute

(please excuse the blurry phone picture)

So (a week ago) on Labor Day we did all things that are appropriate for a day off from school.

David went golfing with the boys.

I went shopping with the girls.

And we did no homework.

We then had a lovely BBQ at the Nemrows after which we headed off to the Scera Outdoor Theater to listen to the lovely sounds of The (capital "T") Beatles tribute band:

I wasn't aware they were such a big deal, but apparently these guys have been playing Beatles tunes for something like 28 years now.

Can you imagine not cutting your hair for that long??  Because I'm almost certain these guys, um...haven't.

We had a lovely time getting rained on, snuggling under our soggy blankets and singing
"we all live in a yellow submarine" at the top of our lungs.

Also, while we're on the topic, I rather like these portraits of the boys.

Hurray for Labor Day and 3 day weekends!
Can we have one next week too please?



zoom, zoom, zoom

David got this song stuck in my head over the weekend...

and it's still stuck.

Childhood flash-backs are abounding.

funny story

I just found a list I made this summer of all David's suggestions for our reception

Among other things, he wanted a tire swing hanging from the big oak tree in the courtyard,
a coloring book for guests to sign-in and
tray passed mini pizzas as h'orderves.

We nixed those first two.

But, if you were there, you know we kept the mini pizzettes .

Good idea sweetheart ;)


in love

And these pictures prove it.

Our wedding photographer blogged the sweetest little post about shooting our wedding day.
I'm in love all over again.

Please enjoy the rest of them here



While doing my marketing homework I ran across this sentence:

"One source compared the workplace to a swiftly flowing river clogged with the flotsam and jetsam called data..."


I was under the impression that flotsam and jetsam were these guys?

Dictionary.com to the rescue.

(we don't own a Websters yet...)

flotsam [flot-suhm]
1. the part of the wreckage of a ship and its cargo found floating in the water
2. material or refuse floating on the water

jetsam [jet-suhm]
unwanted material or goods that have been thrown overboard from a ship

Learned something new today.


reasons to smile

my first class wasn't until 11:00 in the A.M. - double woot for sleeping in-ish
I ate peaches and strawberries for breakfast

I got to see David on campus 
(a rarer occurrence than one might think)

I didn't have to pay anything to renew my school I.D.
my new I.D. no longer depicts me with big crimped hair and squinty eyes
(double points)

there was a ferris wheel on campus for some reason...

my 4:00-6:30 P.M. class got out at 5:00

I'm accidentally ahead on my reading for that class

David made me dinner AND did our laundry
(bless him)

and now I'm blogging and putting off doing homework
(a routine that I somewhat missed over the summer)

these are good reasons to smile my friends

photo from here