the dress

Upon checking my email this morning I found more than a couple comments on my wedding dress and questions about where I got it. 

Can I tell you how happy it makes me that other people like my wedding dress?
(and that other people read this blog)
Because I love it.

My dress was actually custom made by none other than the lovely and most talented Nancy Barrus at Avenia Bridal here in Provo, Ut.


Just right here in Provo behind Mimi's Cafe off University.

Who would have guessed?

Not me.

She was just down right darling to work with and helped me figure out what was completely and utterly perfect for me.

However, that does not mean I didn't spend hours upon hours looking up inspiration, going dress shopping and quite honestly having no idea what I wanted my wedding dress to look like.

After much searching I finally found this lovely creation
(go through Ben & Elise's slide show on the right)
and I knew I'd found something I was crazy about.

I took those pictures to Nancy and she whipped up a couple of sketches like it was no big deal:

I also rather hope you noticed that my dress is not in fact white,
or even off white.

It's pink!

Nancy spent lots of extra hours getting that shade just right and it turned out better than I could have ever hoped for.

Now let's hold on for a second.
I feel the need to admit something here:

Getting my dress made was probably the single most terrifying thing about planning my wedding.

There, I said it.

I went from this:

(yes I did take pictures at every fitting)

To this:

And the in-between involved a lot of trusting Nancy.

Talk about a nail-bitter.

So that is my long, picture-loaded story of the dress.

I hope those of you who had questions found it helpful.
You are welcome around these parts anytime.

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Katrina said...

i love nancy. she made two of my cousin's gorgeous dresses and fixed mine after the first lady did a not so very good job adding sleeves. i love her for it. your dress really was beautiful