In an effort to liven up our already ridiculously crammed Wednesdays,

I thought it would be a good idea to sign Dave & I up to be in a bowling league.

To clarify, most weeknights
(ok fine, every night)
we're in bed by 10:00-ish

Lights off,

Heads on pillows,


Bowling starts at 9:00 PM every Wednesday night.

This makes sense...

We might have become that married couple.

Dave is by far the most consistent bowler
(and...the only man)
on our team.

And we are probably the least serious group in the league.
(For some reason, no one else was cheering their heads off when their teammates hit down half the pins...)

But we're in it for the long haul (aka: the whole semester) and the goal is to break 100
(without the 60 point handicap we're given)

P.S. I'm definitely wearing a skirt like hers next time.
I think it might help my A-game.

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