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A few lovely finds from my afternoon of procrastinating:

mommies in Denmark (have you ever heard of this??)

I could spend an afternoon with this blog

vintage bowling wedding - this cute couple can pull it off

these rings are kind of great

thinkin' about making my wedding album out of one of these photo books
     exhibit A

THIS is a great print

I love the idea of this star projector 

painting with plants 

have you noticed any signs of fall around?  the leaves are definitely trying to turn up on our mountain... 



Christa Jeanne said...

Oh my holy yum. LOVE Smitten Kitchen - must have this soup. And we must do a cousins' dinner again one of these days. Hard to believe it's been a year since we started those up, huh?

Kathleen said...

Hey, the vintage bowling wedding venue was in Montrose, CA. That's where I learned how to bowl as a kid. Kind of fun - it looks exactly the same.