a tardy tribute

(please excuse the blurry phone picture)

So (a week ago) on Labor Day we did all things that are appropriate for a day off from school.

David went golfing with the boys.

I went shopping with the girls.

And we did no homework.

We then had a lovely BBQ at the Nemrows after which we headed off to the Scera Outdoor Theater to listen to the lovely sounds of The (capital "T") Beatles tribute band:

I wasn't aware they were such a big deal, but apparently these guys have been playing Beatles tunes for something like 28 years now.

Can you imagine not cutting your hair for that long??  Because I'm almost certain these guys, um...haven't.

We had a lovely time getting rained on, snuggling under our soggy blankets and singing
"we all live in a yellow submarine" at the top of our lungs.

Also, while we're on the topic, I rather like these portraits of the boys.

Hurray for Labor Day and 3 day weekends!
Can we have one next week too please?

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