reasons to smile

my first class wasn't until 11:00 in the A.M. - double woot for sleeping in-ish
I ate peaches and strawberries for breakfast

I got to see David on campus 
(a rarer occurrence than one might think)

I didn't have to pay anything to renew my school I.D.
my new I.D. no longer depicts me with big crimped hair and squinty eyes
(double points)

there was a ferris wheel on campus for some reason...

my 4:00-6:30 P.M. class got out at 5:00

I'm accidentally ahead on my reading for that class

David made me dinner AND did our laundry
(bless him)

and now I'm blogging and putting off doing homework
(a routine that I somewhat missed over the summer)

these are good reasons to smile my friends

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