so, now that we're married, have 2 cars, 1 parking spot and are mostly walk around town...
(while the weather stays nice)

...we've decided to sell David's car.

I guess I'm a little bit nostalgic about that little Ford Probe.
(p.s. who decided that "Probe" was a good name for a car?)

I mean, this was the stylish ride that Dave drove up in for our first date.

This cars got a whole relationship's worth of memories written all over her seats.
She got us to and from so many good times...

And now we are trying to sell her.


I have a tendency towards being a pack-rat of sorts...but you've gotta draw the line somewhere.

So long Phillis.
It's been fun.


Phillis is sold and gone. 
Is it weird I'm a little bit sad?

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Katrina said...

HI dear, how much are you selling it for???