60 days

Well, we did it.
As of yesterday we have been married a whopping 2 months.
You have my permission to be impressed.

I'm trying to figure out this balancing act of school and the almost uncontrollable urge to decorate our apartment with every DIY I find on Pinterest while making home cooked dinners every night. 

I've come to terms with the fact that it's pretty much impossible.

The home cooked dinners every night, in reality, happen about twice a week.

I have a whole list of DIY's I want to make and a few I've bought all the supplies for...now I just need a few spare hours.

And school is, more or less, trudging along.  
Did I mention I have a group project in all 5 of my classes?  It's insanity trying to be this organized.

But, despite all the craziness, we still couldn't be happier.

Cheers to month 2!

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The Van De Graaffs said...

you guys are adorable!