holy smokes!

It's 3:00 in the afternoon and it's 36 degrees out there!

We're not even a week into October yet!

Who okayed this?

On the plus side, the weather was a perfect excuse for me to come home from school, make some lemon/honey tea, slip on some socks and take a 20 minute cat nap.

So I'm only going to gripe  a little bit.

I mentioned the other, other day that David and I are in a bowling league.

Well, we played our second match last night and...

we won!!

And it's probably only because of Dave.  Check out that kid's score:

He bowled a 205!

We were all ridiculously impressed.  Our team.  The other team.  And guys from teams three lanes down.

They came from all around to admire his turkey among strikes and spares.

He's with me.

And so are these great girls.


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