ponytails & pigtails

Upon going through some old pictures I came across these little treasures:

Did you guys know my hair used to be this short?

I decided to cut my hair the summer before my sophomore year in college.

It was great idea.


I love the feeling of a new haircut.
The new ways to style it, curl it and play with it.

The problem is, when you go as short as I did...there aren't a lot of options.

This is definitely a Pro & a Con (depending on the morning)

I loved my short hair,
but sometimes a girl misses pulling her hair back into ponytails (notsomuchpigtails...)

So since that summer of short, short short hair, I've been growing her out.

And you can finally see my progress some 2+ years later:

Check out that ponytail.
It's all downhill from here, my friends.

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