window shopping


I know I wouldn't be half as good at procrastinating without the internet:

cath kidston wallpaper.  need I say more?

this is most definitely on my to-make list
     (Jo Anns was out of N's though, darn it)

how to peel garlic in under 10 seconds - handy

happy halloween month!  time to decorate some baked goods in orange and black

NY Times candel.  say what?

let's make some great art  

air mail sticky tape.  so many ways to use this come to mind

bikini killer cookies 

I love everything about this paper goods shop  

I'm head over heals for every one of these wreaths - and have 0 time to make any of them

where to find the best free samples
     how did Costco rank 6th?

Mrs. Pomeranz' Etsy shop.  check it out

and try on some virtual specs
     come on.  it's kinda fun


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