bikini killers

so Dave and I went to a birthday party this last friday night, and I didn't want to show up empty handed so...

I gave in and made these delicious looking cookies

they didn't turn out quite as pretty as the ones on Bakers Royale...
(our oven is still a bit of mystery to me)
but they taste pretty darn good, regardless.

I think we're going to try milky ways or twix in there next time.

I like peanuts and everything, but not so much in my cookies.

p.s. the slice of bread in the cookie jar is to help keep the baked goods soft.
        just in case anyone was wondering.


Christi Lynn said...

oh my goodness! those look amazing. also...your blog header...that picture is precious.

Betsy said...

So I found your blog after I fell in love with your wedding on Green Wedding Shoes, and I just wanted to tell you that I love it! And oh my gosh these cookies look amazing!