cruel & unusual


the facts:
I've been going to this class at 
8:00 in the AM
every Monday/Wednesday this winter.

I came to terms with this fact when I signed up for the class last fall.
 I knew it would mean little make-up,
my hair in a bun more likely than not
and morning walks to the tanner building when it's 10 degrees outside.
I signed up for all of this.

I, however, did not sign up for the
final schedule for this class:

Saturday at
7:00 in the AM

i'd like to know who okayed this 
and why do they take such great pleasure in making me wake up when it's still dark outside??

I guess it doesn't matter now because it's now done and turned in, but I would just like to state that an 11 page written final that early in the morning was not the brightest idea...

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