Can we talk about how legit this picture makes me feel?

Don't be fooled, I'm not this cool, 
but I do know how to use a tripod now,
that part is legit.
(even if I might have the camera on the tripod backwards in this picture...I did figure it out eventually)

Most of the time in Moab 
(on that school field trip, remember?)
was spent looking like this:

no make-up.
(enlarging that photo is not recommended...)

And while we did take a bunch of lovely pictures of the natural splendor that is Moab,
we also took a fair amount of pictures like this:

I'm the "Y" in case you were wondering.

So why the recall back to Moab?
Yesterday was out final presentation in photo class.
Sad day.

These are the four pics I chose to display for my final:

It is a class to be missed, but now I only have 4 (very big) finals to take instead of 5.
This is a plus.

P.S. this lovely girl is going to be taking our engagements in a few weeks!
So ridiculously excited!

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