the whole world

is it just me or is everyone getting engaged**???
I think at least 10 Facebook updates have popped up on my news feed within the last 3 days and I've read countless numbers of engagement story blog posts/
stalked facebook albums of engagement pictures recently.

the whole world is falling in love,
and here I was thinking it was just me

but here's the kicker:
all these darling couples who are planning to tie the knot only days
(okay, almost a month)
after i got a ring on my finger...are planning to get married in

how come we decided to do this whole wedding thing at the end of the summer?
August feels oh so far away at the moment.

oh yeah, we've got internships and stuff.

** or going on a mission - I'm up to at least 15 girlfriends who just got their calls to everywhere from Japan to Indiana

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Christa Jeanne said...

It's part end-of-the-year craziness and part being that age, Carly dear! I think the majority of my BYU friends got married in the 21-23 range - and those who didn't wed served missions. Doing neither and heading straight for a career made me an anomaly! Seems like when one starts, the ball gets rolling, though, doesn't it?