lunch date

Woohoo for Saturdays!  It's so nice to have David around all day long.  We made our first trip down to the LA Temple and had a lovely time.  It used to be nice having the Provo Temple so close (hello 5 minutes away), but making an afternoon trip of the whole deal was a nice change.

And where else would we go afterward than grab a burger at In-N-Out?  We felt awfully overdressed, however.  Perhaps next time we'll try someplace new - any suggestions friends?  We've heard Junior's Deli is delicious. . .


Chelsie Clarke said...

have you been to Diddy Riese for ice cream sandwhiches!?!? YOU MUST! IT IS A MUST!

Annie said...

When my husband was in LA for an internship last summer we found a few good places.
Jack & Jill's is great.
but I recommend getting it to go. The food was amazing but we were less than pleased with the service so get it to go and have a picnic somewhere outside!

Our favorite Thai place is in Santa Monica and is called T's Thai. It is a small place but SO good. And our leftovers were fantastic.

Carly Michelle said...

Thank you, thank you ladies! I'll add your haunts to your list!

Christa Jeanne said...

Going to Junior's after the LA Temple is tradition!!! It really is fabulous. Ditto Chelsie on Diddy Riese - and if you head that direction, there are TONS of cool hole-in-the-wall restaurants in the area. I stumbled upon an Italian one once with fabulous calzones. Enjoy!