thought process

It's 4pm and I'm sitting on the couch.
I've just finished priming a coat rack so I can paint it to match our apartment.
I'm hungry, but I ate lunch, and all I can think about is THIS.

I should just drink a cup of water.
I should do that.
I should.

The options I consider:
Well, I could just sit here, grab my book and read for a bit or. . .I could do the rest of the ironing while watching an episode of White Collar, and, as reward, I get to eat a cookie.
And drink a glass of water too.

Thought process:
Water.  Book.  Relax.
Ironing.  Cookie.  White Collar.

You know which one I chose.

The cookie always wins.
(Am I the only one who rationalizes like this?)

1 comment:

Chelsie Clarke said...

you are absolutely not.