highlights #78

Is it Sunday yet?  I am so ready to hop on a plane and fly to Utah for some fun festivities :) And we're going to fly into the Provo airport for the first time.  Living in Provo for four years I always had to fly into Salt Lake and hitch a ride southward, but lo and behold, one year after Dave I graduate this little airport opens up.  Flights are limited and we hear the planes are itty bitty, but it cuts an hour off our travel time.  I'm down for that.

While I go pretend to be getting things together to leave for a week, here are some fun posts form around the web:

I need to hit up a Starbucks and try this asap
     and as long as we're talking about Harry Potter

if I had a fish

these would be the best 

great font combos

fun DIY

I knew I should've worked for Google

a bag on the go

inspiring stories from the Philippines

a cute for the holidays

on my wishlist

another way to get your chalkboard on

and this is NOT safe


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alex ford said...

I didnt know Starbucks was selling butterbeer! I am on my way! Thanks for letting me know =)